Economists in iPod trial: Apple’s iPod+iTunes system was not anticompetitive

“Apple Inc. tried a two-economists-are-smarter-than-one strategy to convince a jury in a $1 billion antitrust trial that it wasn’t trying to cheat consumers with its early iPod upgrades,” Robert Burnson reports for Bloomberg News.

“Two University of Chicago professors summoned by Apple testified Dec. 10 and Thursday that a Stanford University economist called earlier as a witness by consumer attorneys got it wrong when he calculated that ‘locking’ iPod users to iTunes raised prices starting in 2006 and resulted in damages to consumers and retailers totaling $351 million,” Burnson reports. “Robert Topel, one of the Chicago academics, testified Thursday that Stanford economist Roger Noll failed to take product improvement into consideration when doing his analysis.”

“Topel’s colleague, Kevin Murphy, told the jury Dec. 10 that Apple’s ‘integrated’ system for digital music, made up of a music player, a media player and a music store, was ‘pro=competitive’ and benefited consumers because it was seamless, reliable and easy to use,” Burnson reports. “Because Apple controlled every piece of the system, ‘it had the flexibility to innovate,’ Murphy said. ‘There was no anticompetitive impact.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: A real jury would have laughed itself to death over this farce by now. Good luck, Apple.

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  1. The value of the Apple iPod and more:

    1. mobile device at an affordable price. Previous mobile music devices: Sony Walkman to name one. The competition was not snuffed by Apple. The competition was ignored by consumers.

    2. iTunes. See above.

    3. Real Player started in 1995 (I’m reading from Wikipedia). If anything, Apple was the competitor at the start of the iPod era. Then Apple grabbed the market share. We all know that many companies tried their own schemes, some chasing the iPod directly.

    In 1949, AT&T began commercial mobilization service of wireless phones. Somehow both Apple and RealNetworks did not participate in music playback on those devices.

    As noted by iGads above, the lawyers are ambulance chasers. The judge should fine the lawyers.

    If the judge gives a slap on the wrist to those lawyers, then we know the true colors.

    I’m guessing that Apple is not asking for immediate dismissal of the lawsuit as forcefully as it can.

  2. Does it take an economist to figure out that ipod was not the only mp3 player available ? NoriTunes the only music source?
    Consumer had many choices.
    They did not like spple.. Then Buy the competition..
    Whats so confusing here…?, !

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