Apple 2015 preview: From iPhone 7 to Retina MacBook Air to 12-inch iPad Pro

“Apple’s product lineup, including its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, created massive demand as well as big profits in 2014,” Luke Villapaz writes for International Business Times. “In 2015, analysts and shareholders will be looking to see if the company can repeat or even exceed that performance from this year.”

“In addition to new devices, Cupertino will be counting on new revenue streams, particularly in the healthcare and business markets, to bolster its performance,” Villapaz writes. “Here [are] seven key developments to watch for:”

1. Healthcare And Enterprise
2. Apple Watch
3. 12-inch iPad Pro
4. Retina MacBook Air
5. iPhone 7
6. Apple TV
7. Apple Pay

Each of the seven points above discussed in detail in the full article here.


  1. There WON’T be an “iPhone 7” next year… as Apple have done all the time they follow up with an “S” model after a new design. Have you forgotten history?

    1. +1. $199 price tag with memory, a PS3-style Bluetooth controller, open it to devs, and watch the platform explode. All sorts of super-cool things devs could do with it games on Apple TV use iOS devices as secondary controllers, too. Think about parties and all the iPhones in the room and what you could do with music, trivia, news, photos. It would be another app gold rush, ala iPhone ca. 2008 or 2009.

  2. please PLEASE keep the 5s form factor for us adults with smallish hands. On my way to return the 6 to get a 64gig 5s online and I dropped it from a sitting position and it made a small ding on the metal corner. So it was officially “used”. Please make the iPhone 6s, but keep the 5s size. Apple would own that market since nobody makes one that size anymore. Free money since the supply chain and tooling is all in place. Pendulum will swing the other way towards smaller is better soon.

    1. Agreed DBC, they could make a lightweight 3.5″ model and it would sell like hotcakes, as an ideal-sized cell-phone / personal device (as opposed to personal device / cell-phone).

  3. Apple made everyone “WOW” during their Apple launch event. I am so eagerly waiting for Apple to launch Apple TV and Apple iPad Pro. However, there were many rumours about Apple iPad pro being better than Apple iPad . I also happened to read somewhere that Apple is secretly working on making an electronic car, if that is the case would really like to know more about it..

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