Tim Cook visits Apple Store Georgetown to promote World AIDS Day

“Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted a couple of photos of a visit yesterday to the Apple Store in Georgetown, Washington DC, to help promote World AIDS Day,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac. “He was accompanied by (RED) CEO Deborah Dugan, who tweeted a couple of additional photos from the visit.”

“Cook tweeted that Apple Stores around the world were RED,” Lovejoy reports, “a reference to white Apple logos being replaced by red ones, and staff wearing red t-shirts.”

Lovejoy reports, “Apple supported (RED) by donating a percentage of sales from both retail and online sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as the full proceeds of in-app purchases from Garageband until 7th December.”

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  1. In Africa, AIDS is the most devastating killer. The most common victims are married women, and their babies, thanks to their philandering husbands who get infected elsewhere and bring the virus home. Add to that the stigma against the disease, and downright denial that some of the African governments show about AIDS (Zimbabwe anyone?), and the effect is simply disastrous. These unfortunate women have no way to fight this; their government doesn’t acknowledge that the disease even exists, they cannot divorce their husbands (nor even deny them their “marital duties”…), they are essentially destined to get infected and die. PRODUCT(RED) seems to be at least doing something to reduce the number of these unfortunate women.

      1. ???
        For decades, government of Zimbabwe refused to acknowledge that they had a serious AIDS epidemic in their country (because of the stereotype of it being a “gay” disease, and despite the fact that in Zimbabwe, it affects heterosexual couples and babies). Only recently have they begun working with local NGOs to educate population about prevention. By then, 15% of adults became infected…

  2. Education is the answer. (Red) emphasizes that we all donate antiretroviral drugs to HIV-infected mothers. Problem is, if mother survives so hubby can screw her at will (per local social norm), then mother will have a litter of HIV-infected babies. Sorry to sound unempathetic, but sending drugs to all those HIV-infected babies so they survive into adulthood only proliferates the problem another generation. Quality of life will never improve until reproduction of HIV-infected mothers stop reproducing. If that means snipping hubby’s and mommy’s tubes, so be it. But stop pretending that drugs are reducing the misery. Drugs are enabling the misery to continue another generation. Education is the only answer.

      1. If you read up on the subject, you will see that significant resources are expended so that ART can be pushed to HIV infected infants. Essentially this keeps the AIDS virus at bay until the children reach maturity. Quality of life remains abysmal, but that’s not what these charities track as success.

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