Beleaguered Samsung’s ‘flagship’ Galaxy S5 sales have plummeted as much as 50% in China

“Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5 has been struggling to match the successes of its predecessor since it first went on sale back in February, and nine months on, things aren’t looking much better,” Lee Jae-seung reports for Korea Times. “Thanks to declining demand in many markets, the Galaxy S5 is missing sales projections by 40%.”

“In China, demand for the Galaxy S5 has plummeted as much as 50%,” Lee reports. “Samsung wasn’t prepared for this — it expected the Galaxy S5 to be bigger than any Galaxy S smartphone that came before it — and as a result, the handset has fallen well short of the company’s ambitious sales projections.”

“Samsung has been forced to spend yet more money on advertising in an effort to shift the Galaxy S5 units currently “piling up in warehouses,” say sources speaking to The Wall Street Journal,” Lee reports. “Today’s news comes less than a week after Samsung vowed to release fewer smartphones in 2015 in an effort to cut costs and reverse falling profits.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hey, beleaguered Samsung, Merry Christmas!

Here’s a nice, warm and toasty present for you:



    1. Fortunately for Samsung, all those units that were shipped to warehouses are counted as SHIPPED. Apple can only count the ones they actually sell.

      Tim Cook has heard about warehouses but never actually seen one.

  1. Be sure to tell all your aquaintances about the many non-Samsung options when they are shopping for TVs.

    Gee-golly, Samsung. Just pardon me all over the place if you find that annoying. I could not be any happier with my Visio smart TV from Costco. It had the best picture in the store and was the favorite of the sales staff too.

    1. I agree. I have a Vizio 55″, 3D TV, bought at Best Buy for less than $1,000 last year and it had the best picture of the bunch in the store and still has the best picture of any TV I have seen in friends homes.

      I am planning that whenever i make the move to 4K i will be getting a Vizio TV again. Cant complaint about the build at all, very nice looking set, and the only time I needed to talk to customer service, i didnt know how to reset the remote, imwas able to get a hold of someone within 5 minutes, in English, and they resolved my problm right away.

  2. It’s a fire sale where they end up torching any remaining stock which currently stands at several hundred warehouses. The smoke rising from Seoul is expected to be visible from the ISS

  3. I don’t know why Samsung wasn’t prepared for this.
    When you release a phone where one of the main features is a useless heartbeat monitor, what do you expect.

    I have struggled to think of any reason why anyone would even use this feature.

    Perhaps they can monitor their heart rate after raging at the comically bad fingerprint reader?

    1. Wish Apple had a heart beat monitor so they knew how PO’d I am resetting my wifi every 15 minutes. Gee this is bad and it bothers me to no end that Apple hasn’t fixed the darned thing.

  4. Unfortunately, there will be millions of S5’s dumped on the market at such cheap prices that hundreds of thousands of potential iPhone users will subcumb to. Something that only mobile service providers will be ecstatic for.

  5. Which is why last two weeks, lots of stories about Samsung winning the iPhone 9 chip business. All baloney of course, just to temper the bad news. Bet you aside from abysmal sales, Samsung will have huge write-offs.

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