‘Shockingly bad’ Google Android 5.0 Lollipop update bricks phones, tablets; kills apps

“Early adopters of Google’s latest Android operating system are warning others of problems with the software,” Leo Kelion reports for The Beeb. “Issues include the update causing Nexus 7 tablets to run slowly and repeatedly crash, with several users complaining they had become ‘unusable.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Even more so than usual, apparently.

“The code also appears to remove apps built with Adobe Air and then prevent them from being reinstalled,” Kelion reports. “Dozens of messages posted to Google’s own forums suggest that owners of the 2012 version of the Nexus 7, in particular, are experiencing headaches. ‘Some apps won’t work and some crash. I wish I didn’t install the update,’ wrote Kristen Sawyer. Another user, nicknamed StretchToo said: ‘Chrome is dead, unusable, Firefox just about works, the keyboard takes over a minute to load, nearly works if you hunt and peck but dies if you try to swipe.'”

“‘Updated and the Nexus is [so] shockingly bad it is basically unusable, lags just rotating the screen, every task takes 10 seconds to perform if it does it [at all],’ wrote Gary Looker,” Kelion reports. “Several Android Lollipop users have also highlighted compatibility problems with Air-based apps… Reports elsewhere suggest some users are experiencing problems with text messages, the way contacts are managed, and wi-fi connectivity.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s well past time to stop settling for inferior wares and get the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, and/or iPad mini that you really wanted but stupidly tried to approximate, fragmandroid settlers.

Pry open thou eyes, casteth aside thine darkness and cometh-hither into the light!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “buddabob” for the heads up.]

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          1. After Apples complete software update fuck up that’s a bit rich from you guys!! Haha. You all love the opportunity to justify the old tech in the flattened coke can that bends like wet cardboard. You are sad fucked.

            1. Actually, there wasn’t anything wrong with iOS 8.0.1, software wise… the issue there was the incorrect version was distributed to the wrong phones. So when the newer iPhones (6 and 6 Plus) were updated, the wrong “drivers” were installed causing the mobile radios to fail.

            2. By old tech do you mean the second gen 64Bit processor and OS thats way better than Googles rubbish attempt at 64Bit. TouchID (Google face unlock worked out well for you guys didn’t it hahahaha). NSAndroid is lagging way behind Apple and IOS but what do you expect, to Google you are the product. To Apple I am the customer.

            3. Actually us Android users protect ourselves with things like PrivacyGuard. Also, Google has had built in encryption on Android since ICS. You just have to enable it in settings.

              We Android users don’t depend on large corporations for protecting our data. We’re smart enough to know how to do it ourselves.

            4. How is that data mining flashlight app doing for you NSAndroid guys or the five star anti-virus app that infact did nothing. Fact is Android is the most mailware ridden OS out there. Google might have had encrypting in NSAndroid since ICS (althought you had to enable it lol). Android is for google to harvest data for its true customers ie its advertisers. To Google you are the product. To Apple i am a customer.

      1. Perhaps it’s repeatedly, redundantly, and too often said, that Android is just very, extremely abysmally, deeply, chasm like, offensively, substandard, poor, inferior, second-rate, second-class, unsatisfactory, inadequate, unacceptable, not up to scratch, not up to par, deficient, imperfect, defective, faulty, shoddy, amateurish, careless, negligent, miserable, sorry; incompetent, inept, inexpert, ineffectual; awful, atrocious, appalling, execrable, deplorable, terrible, crummy, rotten, godawful, pathetic, useless, woeful, bum, lousy, not up to snuff, and just plain bad?

        Why not tell us how you REALLY feel?

    1. Reading more about what Google has perpetrated with LoLLiPop 5.0.0, it’s evident that Google doesn’t give a rat’s about alpha testing OR beta testing. WTF goes on over there. This has to be one of the WORST ‘Version 1.0 Syndrome’ horrors I’ve read about in years. It really is that awful.

      Hey Google: If you’re going to write software, at least ATTEMPT to be professional about it. LoLLiPoP is utter shite, to put it mildly. Way to screw your users, you buffoons. Unprecedented code buffoonery. 😛

      The next time Google attempts one of their ‘holier than thou’ arrogant ass routines on you, remember this day. I will.

    2. “Not that Apple can brag about iOS 8.0.1. Major oops.”
      Actually, Apple realized there was a problem, and yanked the update. According to Apple something like 15k people downloaded the update prior to it being pulled.

      Everyone was able to go back to 8.0 and no iOS devices were bricked. Some typical whining.. but thats normal even with a stable update.

      Google still has the crap for download?
      (I don’t have any fragmendroids I care to attempt to update, only have one i even “use” and I think I last turned it on 3-4 months ago..)

      1. I’m of course trying to be fair. Apple isn’t perfect. Apple is merely better than all the alternative, thank goodness.

        As for Google: As I said in another post, the discarded and damaged Google crap is building up in the shore and people are noticing. Maybe that will translate into their stock price dropping to realistic levels.

    3. Not that Apple can brag about iOS 8.0.1. Major oops.

      We’ve been looking for proof that Google slavishly copies everything that Apple does. Now we have it. Apple put out a DUD of an update, so Google had to do it too!

    4. Actually, iOS 8 bricked my iPad.

      I called Apple support about it even though the iPad was out of warranty, and they checked to see what was happening, and sure enough, it was iOS 8’s fault.

      Apple’s reaction?

      “Well, it’s our hardware, and our software, and you did exactly what we told you to do… sounds like our problem.”

      And they replaced the iPad. Just like that.

      Being fond of a company that does that is NOT being a “fanboy.”

      1. When Apple is so consistently a partner and collaborator with their customers and focus on their customer’s welfare (a profound rarity in this era of bad biznizz), the ‘fanboi’ taunt thins to nothing as a criticism and translates into a badge of good taste and insight.

        Sorry anti-Apple haters but that’s the way it is.

  1. This message is for people having issues with their Android phone or are considering purchasing their first smartphone:

    I used to have an Android phone and wish that the following information was available before I made that purchase. There are many issues with Android-based phones and software. First, the carrier and or the phone manufacturer has to OK the update. This process sometimes takes months from the time the update is released to the phone finally getting the update. While waiting for the update Android phones are subject to malware attacks that the update supposedly fixes.

    Second, many Android phone models have inferior hardware and will never receive the major release update. And third, even if the phone has the minimal specs required the chances that the device works properly after the update is hit and miss. There are literally thousands of different Android phone models on hundreds of different carriers. Many manufacturers and carriers install skins and/or apps in addition to the Android operating system. This means it is impossible to test for every scenario, and, as a result, the latest Android operating system and/or apps will not work properly on many models. This means many devices become unusable after the major release update.

    Apple devices are vastly different than Android. Apple builds both the software AND hardware. This means Apple devices are capable of running the latest Apple operating system software for three to four generations. There are also far less models to support which means it is much easier to test the OS and apps in various situations. In addition, carriers and manufacturers are forbidden to install problematic/untested skins or apps on Apple devices.

    1. Bit of a correction.

      The Android SDK actually includes an emulator which emulates almost all of the phones released to date by all the major manufacturers.

      So it’s actually quite a bit easier than you think to beta test apps across different devices and Android versions.

      1. An emulator will not be used to check if hundreds of thousands of apps will work on the thousands of different phones on hundreds of different carriers. Welcome to fragmentation. It’s just easier for Google to release what they have, hope for the best and fix the bugs as they have historically done with all their betaware.

        1. You can also test it on an actual device.

          Just enable USB debugging in the system settings, then plug it into your computer. The Android SDK can build and install your app right to your phone for beta testing on actual hardware.

          1. Now try that with a hundred phones.

            On iOS, you have:
            – 6 Plus
            – 6
            – 5S
            – 5C
            – 5
            – 4S (iOS8)
            – 4 (iOS7)
            – 3GS (iOS6 – still a usable phone)
            (and some variations due to different carrier-bands).

            Together, these count for – I don’t know – two hundred million phones?
            I’ve actually got difficulties remembering all the iPads, but I guess we can also go with about eight different iPads.
            That means just sixteen devices that represent probably well over three hundred million devices out there.
            I’m not a developer, but this looks incredibly efficient to me.

    2. Great advice. I’ll simple say be happy with the Android you buy. Beleive it will never be updated. Know that you information is at risk. Store no personal information on it. And always remember android is free. When something is free there is a catch. The catch, you are the product not the customer. The more products they have [Google] the more information they have to sell.

      1. Sure, Google is the only one that check the users activity on their devices. Apple & Microsoft or Samsung are not doing it.

        You live in Wonderland dear. The truth is : they are all in need to use or check personal data. They are corporations. Common.

  2. Time to enjoy a quiet chuckle (of the evil variety) after the infinite yammering from fandroids and Apple contrarians alike over iOS 7 and 8. We feel your mortification, heh heh.

        1. Not one iPhone was bricked… only “No Service” and Touch ID disabled.
          EASY fix to revert to 8.0
          Apple even posted the instructions for those that didn’t know how to do it.

  3. This is why you always, always, ALWAYS do a complete system backup before updating your ROM.

    If more people followed this rule, this would have largely been a non issue since going back to the previous version would take all of 10 minutes at the most.

    1. and you think that is because there is a sinister conspiracy hiding android bugs from the world and trying to destroy Apple OR maybe because this a forum for cheering Apple, hating EVERYTHING else (especially if the ‘else’ is somewhat successful) to a degree where even most apple fans find it ridiculous and blowing news like this out of proportion? hmmm, difficult question…

  4. reminds me of my iPhone 3G after the iOS 4 upgrade… however I’m owning several iOS AND Nexus devices (I’m an app developer) and Lollipop runs good on all of them, actually smoother than before, I know I’ll reap hate for that here but this is not worse than 8.0.1 was…

  5. Also…
    remember the Google blimp that crashed into the power lines…
    Goog glasses that over heated….

    NOW think about Google Self Driving Cars speeding on the freeways….

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