Apple’s App Store apps now labeled ‘Get’ instead of ‘Free’

“Previously apps that were free to download from the iOS and Mac App Stores were labelled ‘free‘. The button to trigger the download now reads ‘get,'” Ewan Spence reports for Forbes. “To be clear, there is no change in the operation of the button, no app or game has been deleted, just the language has been tweaked.”

“The word ‘free‘ has powerful connotations, and while it would be strictly correct to say ‘free’ as the short-form of ‘free to download, with in-app purchases available’, the European Commission was not happy with the labelling of freemium apps as free, in what could be seen as a bait and switch model,” Spence reports. “Strictly speaking, the change is only required in the EU, but Apple has implemented the change from ‘free’ to ‘get’ worldwide (reports Re/Code), although ‘free’ remains in the name of many top lists (such as ‘ Top Free Apps for iPhone’).”

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  1. It is fair change, but I wish Apple would keep “Free” label on applications that have no in-application purchases — id est actually free of charge.

    In ideal world, this would be fair; but since developers can add in-application purchases later, and people would necessary know about, there is still slight chance for miscommunication in that case. Of course, I would advice to manage settings for in-application purchases well, but it is impossible for most of regular people.

    1. I suppose they could do that eventually, but that may involve more work on the back end, this will likely have just been changing a single entry. The system knows apps include in app purchases or not, so it would be possible to change on the fly.

  2. If it’s free it’s for me. Don’t like “get.” I saw it last night when trying to download an app and it stopped me from downloading it. It weirded me out because I wasn’t expecting it. I’m sure though, as with all things, I’ll get used it and won’t think about it any further.

    1. same here. Your post having 3x 1 star ratings doesn’t say much about some of the readers here.
      It’s a nice change to not see the word Free associated with 95% of the top grossing app chart anymore

    2. I gave you a five star because I thought that your post was concise and on the money.

      But you are fooling yourself if you think that the lower ratings reflect disdain of your “avatar.” I strongly suspect that they reflect disdain for many of your posts and your politicization of this Apple forum. I really don’t care if you like Obama or not. Like many, however, I just get tired of hearing about it.

        1. …wait, this just in! (tickety-tickety-tickety..)

          WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama announced in a press conference this morning that he has appointed Mr. Ed to fill the hotly contested senate seat in Louisiana. Mr. Ed, when asked for a comment, neighed, “Willllburrrrrr.” The odds-on-favorite Senate hopeful, Buttermilk, expressed her disappointment, calling the appointment a sexist night”mare” and demanded to see the photofinish.

      1. You can’t be serious!

        The majority of Botty down votes is from the intolerant left and most definitely guided by the avatar first and foremost.

        Because if they were guided by Brilliant Botty words and words ALONE that make total sense — the down votes would be minuscule.

        That’s the fact, Jack!

        That said, what narcism poster is worried? Answer: All of them. Botty is a new breeze of truth.

  3. My sophomore English teacher didn’t like “get” either. She insisted that there was a better choice of words for *any* time you might want to use the word “get”, with one exception – get in a car. “Enter” a car just doesn’t work. In this case, “acquire” and “download” are quick no-brainers. I recognize that Apple wanted something short that fit in a small button, but what was wrong with “Free”, exactly?

      1. I get that. I read and understood the article. But it doesn’t change the fact that clicking that button will cost me nothing. (Unless I have a limited data plan that I have hit the end of, but that’s not really the fault of Apple or the app creator.) Some apps are worthless even before you download them, and others still are after you pay. That doesn’t change the fact that clicking the button has ZERO cost directly associated with it.

  4. So the app used to say ‘free’ and when you download changed to ‘installed’…

    Does the name change mean now the app says ‘get’ and when you install changes to ‘got’?!?

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