Apple’s Swift programming language is a diamond in the rough

“Apple announced its Swift programming language at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June, and after having finally been able to put an app that I’ve been working on to Swift from the old programming language, it’s going to make a big difference for developers and consumers alike,” Scott Jenkins writes for TheStreet.

“In the past bringing 3-D content into an app could be quite complicated, but now with a little bit of setup, this work can be done almost instantly,” Jenkins writes. “This means Apple consumers are going to see some pretty awesome new innovations in their apps. [In the full article] is a sample of taking a 3-D Collada image and setting it up in a playground with about 25 lines of code. Gone is the expensive process of going back and forth to see how a few lines of code change the visible outcome.”

“The amount of new development content from this years WWDC was astounding. I’m certain it will take the rest of 2014 and maybe even a few years before we start seeing wide spread adoption. Converting work from traditional Objective C to Swift is not simple and there isn’t a real good way to make conversion tools that automate it either,” Jenkins writes. “Regardless, we now have a great new tool in the arsenal and ultimately I see the shift from traditional Objective C to Swift on a large majority of apps in the future as the design becomes more comfortable and documentation complete.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. I think what I find most interesting about Swift is that you get the benefits and advantages of a bytecode language and framework in a native code compiler.

    Its pretty slick.

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