iOS 8: Apple’s buggiest release to date

“When Apple first released the iPhone 6, we were struck by the surprisingly persistent and numerous bugs in iOS 8,” Christina Bonnington reports for Wired. “Almost all review units (from any company, not just Apple) are thoroughly tested, vetted, and hand-selected as being the best representation of that product. You don’t want a reviewer accidentally ending up with a blemished, defective phone. Bad publicity. So using an iPhone that rebooted itself and got hung up on the keyboard was surprising indeed.”

“We weren’t alone in that sentiment. WIRED saw similar bugs on the iPhone 6 Plus. Other reviewers pronounced it Apple’s buggiest release yet, and Apple pundit John Gruber wrote ‘it seems like Apple’s software teams can’t keep up with the pace of the hardware teams’ before talking more about getting stuck in an endless reboot cycle,” Bonnington reports. “Turns out it wasn’t just in our heads: Data from app performance monitor Crittercism showed iOS 8’s crash rate was 60 percent higher than iOS 7 during their respective first months on handsets.”

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MacDailyNews Take: For some perspective (and something curiously not mentioned in WIRED’s report): According to Crittercism, iOS 8’s crash rate is under 3.5% and has never exceeded 4% since release.


    1. Both Wired and ArsTechnica are oftentimes good publications, but sometimes they are prone to cheap, sensationalistic, tabloidish “reporting” for the sake of page hits and fake drama that would eventually somehow generate more money. Not every media is classy, alas.

      1. … And “El Reg”, aka The Register. Wired doesn’t do much for me these days. But if you keep a level head among the blundering and hype, Ars and Reg offer some good daily information coverage. Just don’t use them as the only sources.

    2. Not completely, my iPhone 6 and iPad Air have repeatedly spontaneously rebooted while I was reading the MDN app. We’ll see if the 8.1.1 update fixes that. No spontaneous reboots since this update, so far.

    3. I wouldn’t be so quick to call it FUD. When I first got my iPhone 6 128GB it would reboot itself numerous times, in some cases all by itself with no direct interaction on my part. But it hasn’t happened since the latest update.

      1. I think a lot of it depends on the phone and the OS coming out at the same time. Last year when I bought a 5S at the same time iOS 7 was introduced I was convinced that iOS 7 was the buggiest system ever created. It wasn’t until 7.1.1 that it settled down and started to behave. So far I’ve had very few complaints about iOS 8 running on the 5S and I think the problems are predominantly due to the concurrent introduction of new hardware and a new operating system.

        1. I’ve had wifi loss issues on my original iPad mini and on my iPad mini Retina. I even had a Genius replace the retina. One responder in a Appke forum told me the problem is in Airplane mode. The issue is streaky at best, but turning on Airplane usually clears it up for awhile. If that trick doesn’t work I reboot. No wifi issues on my MBP, that remains on wifi when the mini Retina goes down.

    1. Yeah I’m like “what problems?” The only problem I had on my new iP6+ was some non-critical apps were stalled at “waiting.” iOS8.1.1 fixed it. Otherwise it’s been smooth sailing. That being said Apple standard is higher than the rest so the company needs to rise to the challenge to obliterate criticism (fair or unfair) knowing what’s OK for other company’s isn’t good enough for them.

  1. iPhone 5s has all kinds of little bugs, like sound not restoring after turning the ringer back on, apps not going landscape then back to portrait, weird things like that, and a bunch of them! But overalll very few “crashes”

    1. I’ve had a lot of glitches similar to yours and then some on my iP5. Same bugs persist even after replacing the phone under AppleCare.

      Anyone who thinks John Gruber and Ars technica are guilty of FUD are just wallowing in confirmation bias.

      Compare iOS’s crash rate to Android’s and you can see Apple’s got a LOT of work to do to get back to the hardware/software quality I’m used to.

      iOS 8 is in Ice Cream Sandwich territory!

  2. I suggest anyone who’s interested in this topic and could shed some informed light on the issue take a quick look at their Diagnostics and Usage under Privacy in Settings and report back what they see. My guess is they’ll have much to say about it.

  3. While any increase in bug and crash rates should be viewed with cancern, there are lies, darned lies, and statistics. If a rate is very low, say 1%, the a 60% increase will take that to 1.6%. While that is undesirable, it is not a disaster. I am confident that Tim Cook takes software quality very seriously, and that this data is not indicative of a long term decline.

    That said, while Apple will never be perfect, the company needs to keep tight control over its software and hardware quality. Consumers will continue to pay for Apple quality so long as it is actually present. If Apple were to lose its reputation of ‘just working,’ the competition will grow stronger. Apple has a very loyal fan base, but many of the new Apple customers that were added in the past.few years are not quite as sticky. They might be tempted to leave the Apple ecosystem if the company does not maintain the usability, design, and quality aspects that initially drew them in.

    1. Apple’s 8.0.1 update will live in infamy, deservedly. But messes in aisle 1 get cleaned up, lessons learned (we hope) and things move on. One happy thing I saw this week is that Apple’s security updates page got a total overhaul, looks great, and was actually up-to-date when the three OS updates were released this week. I haven’t seen that page immediately up-to-date literally in years. So things do improve, eventually.

        1. Really? What an annoyance! I was just there again and all the OS updates are listed, which I never see on the day-of. I’ve had a couple people tell me that not all the repeater/mirror servers are updated along with the source server. Without knowing the architecture of how these servers are distributed and updated I don’t actually understand the problem.

          Thanks for letting me know. That’s sad. I keep hoping all the sources for a web page will be as swiftly updated as we experience with DNS servers. It’s really lame IMHO that this is NOT the case. 😛

        2. Krioni, I went there an hour ago and all was fine. NOW I go there and see what you reported, all old October stuff, October 22 QT Windows being the most recent. WTF?! This stuff is important AT the moment of release. It’s computer security!

            1. Now I feel good about posting Apple’s security announcements at my Mac-Security blog. I’m on their mailing list. I thought I was just being redundant to what Apple was posting online. But no! I end up being a resource because Apple still can’t get their act together publishing these announcements on the web. Why they consistently fail to post them I cannot imagine. And this time, they post them then PULL them?!

    2. The whole operations has been very sloppy lately –

      iOS 8.0.1 – enough said!

      Yosemite 10.10.1 DLed automatically to my daughters 2013 MBA yesterday, when she got home from school the display wasn’t working – only showing a dark screen, Apple logo lit up on lid. Tried getting an appointment at the local Genius Bar – next available time was THURSDAY afternoon!!! It took me about an hour to stumble upon a post in the Apple Support Community site that said to try a PRAM forced restart – that fixed it.

      This morning pre-orders not delivering from iTunes. They DL then don’t load into library – hours wasted trying to figure this one out. Tried finding iTunes phone number to call support (I have done that in the past to resolve issues with iTunes) – they no longer have a contact number. Only email support, with an auto response that says they’ll get back to me within 48 hours.

      Starting to feel like things just DON’T work!

      1. I’ve had the pre-orders problem with iTunes. Restarting my iPhone fixed it. Felt like I was in some alternate universe where I haven’t been a Mac user for over 20 years and I was getting a taste of the control-alt-delete hell of my Windows-using friends.
        I also love how, when an iPhone running iOS 8 is booting, it shows the Apple logo and then, for about 10-15 seconds, a completely black screen before showing the lock screen. Why make us think the boot is failing?

        1. The iTunes issues are on my Macs, not iPhone / iPad related.

          I just checked Apple Support Community, and apparently I’m not alone with this issue. They must have pumped out a bad file for Guardians of the Galaxy this morning … not like that isn’t going a be a big seller, and maybe someone should have made sure the right file was ready to go!!! It’s iOS 8.0.1 all over again, but at least this time this isn’t going to brick my new iPhone!

  4. I think that 10.10.1 8.1.1 have gone a long way to quell my concerns regarding the quality of these new systems. I actually had Apple place my week old iPhone 6 because of BlueTooth issues. I should have perhaps waited for the updates. All seems excellent now.

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