Analyst: Larger ‘iPad Pro’ pushed back to Q215; Q1 to see under 10 million iPad units shipped

“The latest report from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims Apple will delay its expected launch of a 12.9 (or 12.2)-inch iPad ‘Pro’ as it predicts a 50% decline for iPad shipments heading into next year,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac.

“Specifically, KGI thinks Apple will sell just under 10 million units in Q1 2015 following a busy holiday season in the last quarter of this year,” Kahn reports. “That would be a 54.5% drop from quarter to quarter with KGI predicting 21 million iPad units sold during the Q4 2014 Holiday quarter:”

We forecast iPad shipments will fall 54.5% QoQ to 9.8mn units in 1Q15, given a lack of new applications, tablet market saturation and slow season… We believe that, in a major shift, while Apple (US) used to be able to use new form factor designs to boost demand, it has failed to do so this time around. The lighter and thinner iPad Air 2 will face strong headwinds in increasing sales in 1Q15, we believe; we also hold that this means that iPad, along with the entire tablet market, is faced with structural challenges characterized by a lack of new applications and market saturation. – Ming-Chi Kuo, KGI Securities analyst

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: ming-chi_kuo_icaledOne media outlet, which we’ve lovingly nicknamed “Bullshit Incorporated,” is proclaiming Ming-Chi Kuo is “the most accurate analyst in the world” in reporting this estimate.

You know, because getting decent leaks from the Chinese supply chain regarding future products is exactly the same as predicting unit shipments of existing products. (dripping sarcasm)

We’ve iCal’ed Kuo’s iPad unit prediction and will revisit it when we have Apple’s calendar first quarter iPad unit sales results.


  1. My new iPad Air 2 tops out at 128 GB and it’s loaded with a enough tv shows to last a couple of weeks and has plenty of room for photos, etc. It feels about half the weight of the 3rd generation model and its screen is less reflective. There is no question that this product beats the pants off previous models, and the consumer will love it and pass the previous models down the family chain. Its projected sales decline is a nonsense.

  2. Who the hell are these people out there pining for a bigger, heavier tablet? My dream device is an iPad mini that’s as light as an iPhone 6. The so called iPad Pro is a huge step backward. There’s nothing it could do that wouldn’t be more suitable for the MacBook Air.

    1. Uh, that would be me. As a pro photographer, I’d love a larger iPad for reviewing my shots on the way back from a job in a taxi/bus/train/subway/airplane. MacBook is often too awkward in transit, and I don’t need a keyboard for this kind of work.

    2. –raises hand–
      I’m one of “these people”. I’d love a 12-14″ iPad Pro, with Retina HD display, and enough power to edit RAW images, (not reduced sized), on the go. I’ve got my iPhone 6 for quick & easy carry, what I’d love is a light weight, thin tablet that allows me to truly replace my MacBook Pro for most mobile work. I could then rely on a Retina iMac for heavy lifting at the office.

      My iPad Air remains my favorite device, but it’s just short of being able to do the type of work I’d love to do on it.

    3. One more here. I am patiently waiting for an iPad that can display full A4 page at actual size, without any reduction. If they offered it, I’d buy it within 30 seconds.

  3. I have no doubt that the Air 2 is nice, but just not special enough to upgrade just yet. My iPad Air 32GB is doing fine and I was not impressed with the reduced glare screen.

    If they release a new larger iPad I will buy one. Right now the Air is good.

  4. LOL.. Mdn..nailed it !!!!
    Kuo has turned into a definite bribed manipulator !
    Couple years back he had some credibility… But all that has vanished !
    How the F does he know….

  5. Apple is working on an iPad Pro. It is in response to a more mobile creative push. It is basically a 12″ touch screen Macbook Air, with super retina display (4x). It will have a hybrid OS on it they are calling AppleOS. The interface will be a mixture of what was learned from iOS and from OSX, but will be completely different. Although it will be rooted in OSX more than iOS, the interface will be touch screen based, with a full keyboard. Think of the iPad Air 2 size, with a 4mm keyboard. The keyboard will be like a smart cover. The real interesting thing is that they have combined the keys and the trackpad! The keys sense swipe (as opposed to pressing) so intuitively the entire board is a huge trackpad. The 11.98″diagonal screen will be surrounded by a 1.4mm bezel, extremely thin.
    Apple has recruited the very best Foxconn factory and a team of highly specialized workers that have been sworn to secrecy (mainly for the keyboard). The screen will have zero glare. The starting price will be $699, for a 128 GB and go up from there. It will have all the connective goodies, including a new interface dubbed LSB for lighting USB, supposedly 4x faster than Thunderbolt 2.
    Expected ship date, unfortunately, is Q216.

  6. Forget a “pro” iPad , and have a DOUBLE iPAD MAC.
    TOP screen can used as usual, but the BOTTOM screen could be used for FCP control baord, audio control board, color corrector, and MANY OTHER uses other than a keybaord. Intel i7 would be REAL Pro.

    Someone said Apple does have a patent for this.
    Hummm If so, where can it be found.

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