Apple shares rise as Bernstein ups AAPL price target to $120

“Shares of Apple Inc (AAPL) are rising, up 0.26% to $111.54 in pre-market trading Thursday, after the technology company had its price target raised to $120 from $110 by analysts at Bernstein this morning,” Kurumi Fukushima reports for TheStreet.

“Analysts at the firm maintained its ‘outperform’ rating, and said the Apple Watch is a shift towards higher margin App Store revenue,” Fukushima reports. “Bernstein analysts also said Apple Pay will boost margins in full year 2015, and added that gross margins have historically been a key driver of Apple’s stock performance.”

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  1. Actually the cause/ effect is just the opposite: as smart investors choose to buy More Apple shares, Bernstein figures it should raise its target price to “maintain” some credibility.

  2. Not much bad news to cause the price to drop. Kuo’s starting a rumor about iPad sales falling off a cliff in the next quarter.
    Hard to spell doom and gloom in the biggest quarter of the year. No one is expecting Samscum to do well since everyone and their dog wants a new iPhone.
    Next up will be production issues for the Apple Watch. Coming to your web page in 3, 2, 1..

  3. Really! “… after the technology company had its price target raised to $120 from $110 by analysts at Bernstein this morning,” What an idiot! AAPL is higher than your uninformed opinion (guess), so you guess higher. Please keep in mind that this is one of many clueless analysts. Yahoo is still using as their low price target $60. Does anyone really believe that Apple will get cut in half? Is this analysts in a coma or also working at Samsung or Google.

    It is time to send the clowns home and find anyone that knows something about Apple and stocks in general!!!

    1. Actually, Steve Milunovich at UBS is not particularly noted as an APPL bull. For him to set a $120 price target says something. You need to see his reasoning and you’ll understand where he and others are coming from (mostly the woodwork, but hey!) in their evaluation of China and the 6 Plus, etc.

  4. One the one hand this sure is making up for the trashing the stock took over the last few years while the analysts and jouranalysts had a field day spreading FUD over Tim Cook’s ability to lead and Apple’s ability to innovate.

    On the other one must remain vigilant for they will be back conning every fool they can, and goodness knows every time Apple makes something fool proof, it just allows more fools to be born.

  5. So will CNBC bring on Colin Gillis, so he can talk down the stock again? He was so proud of his $98 price target after the blowout quarter, citing his concern about iPad sales, and saying the iPhone could fall out of favor. I say it’s past time he falls out of favor with the bookers for CNBC and that they bring on somebody who actually understands Apple.

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