iOS 8.1.1 release imminent

“Apple has stopped signing iOS 8.1.1 beta 1 without releasing beta 2, hinting that a public iOS 8.1.1 release is imminent,” iClarified reports.

“A reddit user, claiming to be an Apple associate, said that his team was briefed on a public iOS 8.1.1 sometime this week. ‘Just got back from work and we were told in a meeting today that a public update to 8.1.1 will be distributed within this week,'” iClarified reports. “Of course, the possibility that Apple is simply prepping iOS 8.1.1 beta 2 is still on the table. After all, this is the first iOS x.x.1 release that Apple has released a beta.”

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  1. FYI: the dev from Agile Tortoise said a while back that a “little birdie” told him this version will fix the iCloud hang bug.

    I hope so since that bug is biting me in the blank.

  2. Hope it fixes te absolutely horrific performance of iOS 8.1 on my iPad 2.

    It’s near-unusable because it’s so slow. Most of the time it can’t even keep up with my typing on the screen and I have to stop and wait for letters I’ve already typed to appear on the screen. Pitiful. If 8.1.1 doesn’t fix it, I’ll have to do a full wipe of it, which is a PITA.

    1. I had the same problem so far the current fix is get Chrome or Firefox for iPad and use that instead of Safari. Didn’t want to do that but it works. If that doesn’t fix it then I would suggest a full factory re-image from scratch which helped a little before I started using chrome for my company’s online forms instead of safari.

  3. Same with my iPad 3. It has become so slow it’s ridiculous. Typing, forget it. Wifi, slow as heck, and my wifi is 35-45gb. I am typing this on my iPhone 6 because it’s s pain on my iPad. It’s like my iPad is as slow as my wife’s first generation iPad. I hope Apple fixes this with this update because the last update didn’t do anything. I’m not the only one complaining. There are people all over forums complaining. I expect more than this from Apple. It is not at all funny that they have practically bricked my once great iPad 3. Come on Apple get on the ball.

  4. I hope Apple improves the keyboard typing speed. I’m also having difficulties unselecting text on a webpage on Safari. There’s also a general lack of fluidity on the interface.
    It is only two years old though, but I think some of these things might be normal on my original iPad mini.

    1. Even with auto correct and a bunch of other things turned off and after a factory reinstall I still had those issues. It is a problem in Safari only as far as I can tell from testing. Chrome works fine. Hopefully Apple can fix Safari on this upcoming build.

  5. If Apple’s chieftains want the IOS/OS X uptake rate to improve, they’re going to have to improve their core functionality testing across the platforms.

    If there’s going to be bugs (and there will be), I’d rather it be in a new feature than core functionality like WiFi or typing lag.

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