Mammoth flagship Apple Retail Store reportedly coming to downtown Los Angeles

“Even with 22 stores in the greater Los Angeles area, Apple’s retail team has been on the search for the perfect flagship store location for years, and now they may have found it,” Gary Allen reports for ifoAppleStore.

“Incredibly, a tipster says the company has signed a lease for ‘several hundred thousand square-feet’ of space inside the historic Broadway Trade Center in the city’s downtown,” Allen reports, “which lately has been blooming with redevelopments.”

“he Downtown Examiner Web site says the leased space will constitute an Apple ‘campus’ with offices, residential space and retail areas for both Apple and the newly-acquired Beats brand,” Allen reports. “The building dates to 1908 and was the May Department Store at one point.”

Los Angeles' Historic Broadway Trade Center
Los Angeles’ Historic Broadway Trade Center

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  1. Downtown Los Angeles really is booming. Shifting away from the toxic dump site it once was into a more trendy desirable area. Happy to see this continuing with the confidence of upward companies like Apple.

    You could never see Microsoft doing this without creating a sucking empty black hole cricket infestation downtown.

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