Demand for Apple’s 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus much stronger than expected

“A survey of consumers in the U.S., U.K., Italy and China is showing much stronger-than-expected demand for Apple ‘s (NASDAQ:AAPL) big-screen iPhone 6 Plus, spelling good news for Apple’s profit and bad news for rival Samsung,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily.

“About 40% of respondents said they are likely to buy an iPhone 6 series phone in the next year, the UBS survey showed. Over half of intended purchases are for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus compared with 38% for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6,” Seitz reports. “The rest aren’t sure which iPhone 6 model they will buy.”

“The survey results show that Samsung is losing favor with consumers. Samsung did well with its larger-screen smartphones when Apple was still selling 4-inch screen iPhones. But the tables have turned now that Apple has joined the big-screen phone game,” Seitz reports. “‘Almost one-third of interested iPhone buyers currently own Samsung phones, foreshadowing significant share gain for Apple,’ Milunovich said… ‘The potential market share shift is ‘stunning,” he said. ‘Viewed another way, 19% of Samsung handset owners may switch to Apple.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: As predicted:

An iPhone with a larger screen option will hurt Samsung immeasurably more than myriad, unending traipses through the legal morass.MacDailyNews, May 2, 2014

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]

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  1. Been ordered iPhone 6 more than two weeks ago, been told by AT&T , it’ll be delivered between Thanksgiving and first week of December. Checking at Costco several times, all iPhone 6/ 6 Plus have been sold out. Well got to wait patiently.

    1. I meant BLN, “Ballmer’s Left Nut”. And I too ordered an iPhone 6 Plus 64GB from Apple last week. Expected delivery first week of December. A fellow worker ordered a 6 64GB at the same time and his is supposed to be 2 to 3 weeks. The waiting is a killer.

      1. I ordered online at Apple too given a 3-4 week wait and then I went by the local Apple Store and the model and color I wanted was readily available NOW. I would have had another 2-3 week waiting for Apple to ship. Ahh the wonderful vagaries and inconsistencies of distribution.

        1. In my area Verizon didn’t have anything and our new Apple Store only had the 6 16GB in silver, so we had to order online. Oh well, I guess a little anticipation never hurt anyone.

    2. I remember BLN well. He absorbed enough ridicule to power an all-nighter at the improv.

      I stopped making fun of the big screen idea after he patiently and rationally laid out the case for a 5 inch screen, or larger. & convinced me. Looks like Apple were watching and taking notes!

      1. I always figured there was demand for a larger iPhone but I didn’t think it was as great as it is. All I wanted was Apple to offer a choice for those who wanted a larger display iPhone. I still can’t believe that a large number of consumers wouldn’t be happy with the iPhone 5s display size. It certainly seems a adequate size to me. I guess consumer demand is driving the smartphone industry and not the manufacturer. I thought it was the opposite. Have smaller smartphones fallen out of favor everywhere?

        1. Well I was on a college campus last week and all the female students had the larger size phones, some of the guys had 4 inch iPhones but they also favoured Sammies or iPhone 6.

          I imagine the “pocket computer” aspect is overwhelming the “telephone” aspect, especially for young people who text rather than talk, and a larger screen is great for that. Yeah, consumer preference has reared up big time—confounding even Apple, who clearly underestimated demand for the high end. They did that last year, too.

  2. I ordered my 6 Plus from Verizon over the weekend and it arrived this morning. It was a bit of an impulse buy for me, because I had handled both and thought that the 6 seemed to be a better fit. But when it came time to order, the 6 was on backorder, so Plus it is!

    So far, I’m very happy with the phone. It fits in my pocket just fine, and I absolutely love the bigger screen. No regrets.

  3. Apple will NEVER make a larger screen size than 3.5″! Steve Jobs did not feel that anyone wanted any size that they could not use with one hand! ALL I AM SAYING IS LET APPLE CATER TO PEOPLE THAT WANT A LARGER SIZE!

    1. Jobs never said Apple will “never” make larger than 3.5″. He has critiqued bigger devices as less ergonomic for one-hand use, and this is still as correct as it ever was.

      By now Apple invented double tap on Home button trick to deal with accessibility of on screen controls for one hand-use, and this allows users to live easier with choice of bigger screen over ease of use, low weight and compact size.

      1. Reachability is a good workaround for reaching the top area of the screen, but we have reached, maybe exceeded, the practical limit of what the Home button should be overloaded with.

        I mean we have what, six different actions possible on a single button now? Single press (Homescreen or function exit), single press-hold (Siri), double-press (app switcher), triple tap (accessibility), single touch (fingerprint), and now double touch (reachability)

  4. I’m curious as to whether Apple actually misread consumer demand of a larger smartphone or were they simply waiting out the components necessary to build a larger smartphone they could profit from. I’d say it’s possible Apple was following a device road-map they didn’t wish to stray from. If they had advance component contracts they would have had to stick with them until they expired.

    Tim Cook certainly gave an explanation about large displays not being where Apple wanted them to be, so he could have been telling the truth. Unfortunately, we’ll never know the real answer.

    It doesn’t appear as though Apple suffered terribly from the delay of large display iPhones. So they lost some market share, but it wasn’t exactly fatal. When we’re talking about the wealthiest company on the planet by far based on market cap, how serious could the delay of large display iPhones have actually been.

  5. Received my 6 Plus last week and my wife received her 6 Plus a few days later. It really is awesome and feels especially so since I skipped the 5/5S and upgraded from the 4S. Got the Verizon silver 128gb to put in music in the Apple Lossless format and I feel it makes a big difference in the audio quality. Everything is really great and works as it should in a very zippy manner. Yeah, one-handed use can be a bit of a challenge but the gorgeous big display more than makes up for it. Oh yeah, and it takes stunning photos and videos as well. Can’t be happier.

  6. Yes fine. But Apple should still be selling a 4″screen for people who like the existing form factor. They have a big share of this size phone and shouldn’t turn their back on them

  7. Apple concentrate on the inside first. They got 64bit and a new language to make it work even faster. They got a finger print scanner and a secure part of the CPU to keep it safe. This led to Apple Pay. They put in a motion chip to save some of the CPU work. However no one could see this. Now that they cought up in size Android makers are over a year behind on technology that make a differencen. My husband got a 6 plus, and he likes it. However my 5S fits my jeans and shorts. In FL that is a big deal.

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