Apple destroys Google Android, others in the mobile enterprise

Good Technology analyzed both the mobile apps and devices activated by its customers over the third quarter of 2014 to highlight trends in mobility, app and device preference.

• Apple’s iOS reversed a decline in activation share and won share from Android. The release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus accounted for all of this gain.

• One of the biggest mobility stories in Q3 2014 was the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. When the devices were released they made an immediate impact in the market. Despite not being available for the entire month of September, iPhone 6 made up 17 percent of all activations for the month of September.

• iPhone 6 outpaced iPhone 6 Plus in its first partial month, representing 85 percent of these new devices to be activated. It its first month, iPhone 6 Plus supply was severely constrained. Custom app activations more than doubled quarter over quarter and grew by over 700 percent year over year becoming the most widely activated app category.

• Behind custom apps, secure IM and secure browser dominated the smartphone. They ranked #2 and #3 respectively on this form factor.

• On tablets, users are increasingly utilizing document editing and document access tools. They ranked #1 and #3 respectively on this form factor, with custom apps in between.

Total iOS activations increased this quarter, now representing 69 percent, up from 67 percent in the quarter previous. Android activation share dropped by an equal amount.

The introduction of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus appears to have made a significant impact on the overall share. While iOS made up 66 percent of all activations in the months of July and August, a drop of one percent from the previous quarter, iOS activations comprised 73 percent of September activations.

Windows Phone activations remain consistent with the six previous quarters and made up one percent of total device activations.

Smartphone Activations
Good Technology Smartphone Activations, July-Sept. 2014

Tablet Activations
Good Technology Tablet Activations, July-Sept. 2014

Good Technology is the leader in secure mobility solutions, providing the leading secure mobility solution for enterprises and governments worldwide, across all stages of the mobility lifecycle. Good offers a comprehensive, end-to-end secure mobility solutions portfolio consists of a suite of collaboration applications, a secure mobility platform, mobile device management, unified monitoring, management and analytics, and a third-party application and partner ecosystem. More than 6,000 organizations in over 190 countries use Good Technology solutions, including FORTUNE® 100 leaders in commercial banking, insurance, healthcare, and aerospace and defense.

Source: Good Technology

MacDailyNews Take: Great job with that rounding error, Microsoft. Why don’t you hold another funeral… for yourselves.

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  1. > Great job with that rounding error, Microsoft. Why don’t you hold another funeral… for yourselves.

    Even more pathetic is RIM (aka BlackBerry), once the leader, now part of “1% OTHER.”

  2. Now if Good would just fix it’s app!

    There are SO many bugs in it.

    The most glaring and annoying, but not the most nefarious, is its reporting of how many unanswered/unviewed notifications (emails, etc.) you have pending. On the home screen it might say you have 30 pending. Open the app and it might say you have zero pending. Log in and it might actually show two new emails pending. ALL THREE NUMBERS **CONSTANTLY** DISAGREE. Even for something as simple as looking at the icon on the home screen and looking at the badge to see how many pending notifications a user has can *never* be trusted. You MUST go through the effort of logging in (it does not use TouchID) to find out what you really have pending.

    There are many other bugs, but this one is by far the most annoying to the vast majority of Good users to whom I’ve spoken.

  3. Hey, Microsoft can look at these stats and say regarding Smarphone Activations that “We’re Number One!, We’re Number One!, We’re Number One!…” percent that is but who’s counting?!?

  4. Sunday NFL post-game commentators duly had their Surface tablets (you know, those things you can write on with the stylus?) out in front of them, and one of the fellows had *eek* a pad of paper and a pen on which he was making notes and referring to things he had written during the game.

  5. I remember back in 2007-2008 when RIM and the BlackBerry were #1 in the smartphone enterprise, how the share price soared. There were claims how BlackBerry would own the enterprise for the next ten years. Wall Street never doubted it for a second. A couple of splits and the stock just kept climbing. BlackBerry had the enterprise in the palm of its hand and was highly valued for that particular spot.

    You’re not going to see that sort of share price climb happening with Apple. We’ll probably hear some stories about how Windows Phone is gaining in enterprise market share and iOS isn’t going to hold the #1 spot for another year. That’s the anti-Apple bias that will tend to hold Apple’s share price down.

    I have to wonder why Microsoft’s share price is climbing so strongly (actually outpacing Apple over the past month) considering their entire mobile platform is so weak. All Wall Street talks about is how mobile is the big thing and yet Microsoft is lagging. It’s weird how the things that benefit other companies value don’t seem to benefit Apple in the same way. If Apple really starts pushing iPhone and iPad sales hard in the enterprise, there would almost be no stopping Apple from taking it over, except maybe those guys running IT with their sworn loyalty to Microsoft and Windows, no matter what else is available.

    1. The numbers MSFT cranked out looked like they were growing year over year(that is their EPS) or holding ups. Yet if you look ath income statement, they only paid taxes at a 16% rate. Apple paid 26% and yet all the media attacks apple citing the Irish tax haven. If MSFT paid 26% the eps number does not look rosy.

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