Fortune reviews Apple’s new iPad Air 2: Best for work, not play; shines as a PC replacement

“As phones grow ever larger, Apple’s new iPad Air 2 shines in a different light: as a PC replacement,” Jason Cipriani reports for Fortune.

“When modern tablet computers first arrived to market, many people thought they would be primarily used to consume, rather than create, content. And who could argue? Without a keyboard or mouse, and only a stubby finger to flick, creation seemed like it would be troublesome at best,” Cipriani reports. “My, how things change. My Apple iPad has quickly become an indispensable tool for work. For the last two years I’ve worked from an iPad on a daily basis. I often tout it as my favorite computer even when I’m asked to compare it to my iMac, a full-fledged desktop, or MacBook Air, a featherweight laptop. The iPad’s portability, day-long battery life, and built-in cellular connection—not to mention the broad selection of apps—only help.”

“I spent two weeks testing the iPad Air 2, and at the end of my time with the device, I found myself equally impressed and disappointed. The tablet is impressively responsive and smooth when it comes to scrolling through documents or web pages and launching applications. Yet when I set aside the physical keyboard that I used with the device and attempted to use it strictly as a mobile device, I often felt as if the iPad was nothing more than an extra screen offering bigger pictures and larger text than my phone,” Cipriani reports. “(It should come as no surprise that I have been using Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus in recent weeks, which I’m sure helped contribute to the feeling.)”

Read more in the full review here.

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  1. I guess it depends on the mindset of the person using the iPad. I prefer it as a work tool also, but I find it excels as a media consumption device and works great as a game machine as as well.

    Now someone who is a gamer first, and worker second might see it differently. I have a friend who’s life is movies. She LOVES movies, and pretty much does nothing else with her iPad. She’s buying one so she and her mother can share movie accounts, but I know her mom. Her mom is as passionate about spy novels as I am so I’m betting that she flips over iBooks, audible, and Amazon.

    1. It’s definitely user-dependent. I use my iPad almost exclusively for media consumption (and mostly eBooks at that), and the occasional casual game. Also makes a nice electronic picture frame, or digital clock. But I find it way too small for work.

      But then I do my work on a 17″ MBP (that Apple will pry from my cold, dead fingers), or a 27″ iMac with a 27″ external Thunderbolt display. I don’t do small.

  2. The iPad was first and the iPhone was released first. Then the iPad was released in 2010, I believe the feeling of having the iPad “feel” like using an iPhone would be accurate. Follow the history and you will find it goes all the way back to the Newton develpment in the early eighties. So, people using the iPad, iPhone and the copies are using the same basic formula.
    The point should have been that the iPad is productive, flexible, and can be used in work or play.

  3. I love the new M$ commercials. First they tried to diss the iPad and compare it to the Surface. Now they are trying to compare the Surface to a MB Air. Thanks for all the free advertising M$.
    Clearly Apple owes the high end space for mobile devices including laptops. They will need to work out how to encourage people to buy a new iPad if they already have one. Problem is even my wife’s iPad 3 is still going strong as well as the iPad2 we replaced it with and sent to my folks in the UK.
    So we are not in the market for a new iPad but never fear we do need to replace our aging MBP and Apple will still be getting more money from us.

    1. Live those M$ commercials.

      Everything they tout as a Surface advantage goes away if you add a case with built in keyboard and kickstand to a vastly superior iPad.

      It would be like advertising a car as having sheepskin seat covers. Anyone can add those to any car.

  4. Do you expect your house contractor to show up with a Honda Civic to build your house?

    Most people who do productive computing work can accomplish more – MUCH MORE – with a Mac. The reasons should be obvious to everyone here. There is simply nothing that the iPad can do faster than a Mac. Easier to carry, yes. Faster/better, DEFINITELY NOT.

    If all you do is media consumption and take notes or fill out forms, then you never needed any PC at all.

  5. The market for upgraders will grow over time. There will always be first timers with each new device introduced. Apple has a formula that creates planned obsolescence. For example, my iMac has 12 gigs ram, late 2010 model i3. It is now running Yosemite as well or better than it did Snow Leopard. I don’t need a new iMac, as mine runs fine. Well I say it runs fine, but I can’t take advantage of Airdrop from my computer to my iPhone 6. I can’t do “handoff” and probably some other things that I don’t know or care about. If I want to play with all the new stuff I have to get a new iMac. For me it isn’t a deal breaker forcing me to upgrade, but for others it may be. I have an iPad mini2 and iPhone 6. I am excited to get an Apple watch and so, I will go for that. I believe with the hundreds of millions of people that are dipping toes into the Apple ecosystem the future is good for Apple and its growing throng of fans. How many companies can generate the level of excitement that comes with a new Apple product launch?? How many news stories are there from ANY community or big city in the US where people stand in line for more than 1 minute for say a Samsung copypad or phone?? Aside from Starbucks or fast food you just don’t see lines for new gadgets….except on intro for Gameboxes….xbox…nintendo?? PSP?? not sure. There are going to be a whole bunch of people who want every drop of power that they can get from iPad Air 2 while another big buch of people are gonna say man…that iPad Air looks like a great buy now, I am ready to get that….If Apple watch can catch fire like iPads did then stockholders are gonna be very happy in the coming years…not to mention Apple TV is due for a BIG rework/updated functionality in the near future. I wish I could own both stock and new toys.

  6. iPad is extremely functional for work with the exception of a few areas. That’s where handoff, continuity, and iCloud Drive come in handy. But either way, all of the reasons that iPad was not good for work long ago are becoming irrelevant because Apple is completely how those tasks are done and new innovative ways to accomplish those things from iPad are constantly being developed to where eventually business task management tools that don’t work on iPad will simply not be used anymore by anyone.

  7. What is frustrating for me as a business owner, is that there are certain pieces the software I have to use that integrate with all my other business processes. The frustrating part is that most of them don’t even support Mac, let alone iPad. It dries me crazy, what are these companies thinking? It’s like were in the 1990s with some business software. If Apple came out with the right collection of tools for businesses, they could kill off all those businesses that have neglected to stay updated with the times.imagine if Apple offered domains and hosting, and a content management system similar to WordPress, and shopping integrations with Apple pain, and a customer relationship management software to give non-technical users it back in user interface. Businesses would work entirely through Apple.

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