“Almost a third of the installed base of iPads consists of iPad 2’s without a Retina display,” John Martellaro writes for The Mac Observer. “As a result, a casual look at the numbers suggests that the iPad Air 2 should do very well in sales.”

“I see considerable opportunity, especially with the iPad 2 crowd. That iPad shipped in March of 2011 and makes up the largest percentage of iPad owners, some 65 million of the 225 million total iPad users. (Assuming one per customer),” Martellaro writes. “Given that the iPad 2 doesn’t have a Retina display, a not very good set of cameras, ancient Bluetooth, and, of course, no Touch ID, I would think that 65 million owners of this 3.5 year old iPad would be rather interested in upgrading. The quality of the iPad Air 2’s rear facing camera and the newfound enthusiasm for iPad photography is an especially notable driver.”

“Another factor is that the original iPad, iPad 2,3 and 4 are rather thick feeling. Anyone who owns one of these and then handles an iPad Air 2 is going to be instantly motivated to upgrade,” Martellaro writes. “So, another sizable group that may be enticed into an iPad Air 2 is the 3rd and 4th generation users who, collectively, make up another 64 million users.”

Much more in the full article here.

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