Bank of America double charges some Apple Pay customers

“I was among the first people to try out Apple Pay the moment it came available on Monday. It was convenient, fast, and it seemingly worked without incident … until I logged in and checked my debit card bill,” Samuel Burke reports for CNN under the misleading and thoroughly inaccurate headline, “Apple Pay is double charging some customers.”

MacDailyNews Take: CNN, sigh.

Burke reports, “As it turns out, I’ve been charged twice for every single purchase I’ve made with Apple Pay at various stores.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, Sam, by your bank, not Apple.

Burke reports, “Many of the other people on Twitter experiencing this same exact problem also mentioned they were using Apple Pay via their Bank of America (BAC) debit card. So I called up Bank of America and they assured me it was a problem on Apple Pay’s end. That seemed feasible, because all of the purchases I made without Apple Pay were only charged one time.”

MacDailyNews Take: Poor Sam, not too bright, believing the also not-too-bright fool on Bank of America’s debit card “help” desk.

Burke reports, “Bank of America transferred me to Apple Pay customer support. The only problem: Apple’s representative reminded me that for security’s sake — as promised — Apple keeps no records of names or amounts for any of the transactions. That meant there’s nothing Apple could do, the representative told me.”

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously.

Burke reports, “So Apple told me to call Bank of America. It was every consumer’s worst nightmare: customer service for two companies telling you to call the other.”

MacDailyNews Take: No, Sam, your worst nightmare would be taking an IQ test.

Burke reports, “A source with knowledge of the situation said that a fix on the banking side of Apple Pay transactions is expected Wednesday.”

MacDailyNews Take: “A fix on the banking side.” As in Bank of America’s problem, not Apple’s. So, why the lying headline, “Apple Pay is double charging some customers,” hit-whore?

Full anti-Apple hit piece – don’t bother, there’s nothing of value there – here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s no wonder that CNN is rapidly circling the bowl.

If you don’t understand how Apple Pay works, don’t use it, much less try to report on it.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mr. P-body” for the heads up.]


  1. As soon as comments exposed that this was the Bank of America’s mistake, and not Apple’s, the comments section disappeared so that no one could correct the authors false impression.

    If that’s not deliberate FUD, I don’t know what is.

    1. It’s Bank of America, people. You know, the banking institution that has had to pay the government millions of dollars in fines and who has sold homes to “undocumented” people who didn’t have social security and had a HUGE hand in the collapse of our financial community. Of course they haven’t done anything wrong.

  2. MDN, your all a bunch of shell shock sucking the nipples of apple fan boys, its called Apple Pay, so yeah, the headline is correct. Apple and all their vendors should be on the same page, take the damn nip out of your mouth and realize Apple isn’t God, they are a company who makes great products for a silly over price tag, yeah, they want to much for their shit! OH NO let the flaming begin!

    1. Surely you realize it is BoA that is double charging. Apple Pay doesn’t charge anything, it is simply a portal by which the bank processes the transaction. No other banks are double counting transactions via Apple Pay, therefore BoA is to blame. Of course, logic is obviously not your forte.

      1. @MDN SUCK UP
        (1) YOU ARE; not “your”. (2) Your first phrase is incomprehensible. (3) IT IS, or it’s; not its

        Lastly, I agree with your: Apple and all of its vendors _should_ be on the same page. However, if a VENDOR is not, then blame the VENDOR, not Apple.

  3. Is anyone surprised? BOA was one of the first to offer illegal aliens credit cards, thus enabling them to stay in the USA and build up debt that, oh guess who, had to pay for. I dropped my accounts there like a bad cold as soon as this hit the street and recommend anyone who uses them to do the same. The program instituted by BOA allowed applicants to open credit cards without SSN’s and began in southern California and then expanded to LA. BOA claimed that it was to allow those lower class citizens to get the means to survive better but was quickly recognized by critics for what it was, a program supporting illegal immigration and possibly allowing funding to terrorist organizations. Amazing how it started in southern California and then LA, some of the most liberal areas for immigration laws in the USA.

    1. The one policy that grates on me that BoA started was the elimination of caps on balance transfers.. Used to be you paid $50-$75 max for balance transfers/Cash Advance checks. Now it”s 3% with no upper limit… How much more does it cost to do a transfer after the first $100?!

  4. CNN = TeaNN
    Low information for the low information voter.

    AKA= FauxNewz Lite, part of the vast NeoCon biased national media.

    Quick, which Sunday show had John McCain on? (Any Sunday)
    answer- all of them. The GOP bias in the national media is blatant and obvious to anyone but wingnuts, who think it is liberal.

    If it were only so…

  5. I’ve read another article about this phenomenon placing ALL the blame on Bank of America. No other Apple Pay purchases (so far) have been affected by ‘double charges’ EXCEPT those made with Bank of America cards.

    My POV: This is ENTIRELY in line with the bad attitude and carelessness I personally have experience with Bank of America. They suck bad, IMHO. I dumped them as my banker. BUT, this does not mean they are to blame. We’re going to have to wait for the details…

  6. Some meagre further information:

    BofA: Sorry for double charging on Apple Pay

    Bank of America Apologizes for Double Charging on Apple Pay

    A Bank of America spokeswoman said the issue affected about 1,000 translations, but she declined to offer details about the suspected cause of the glitch. “We apologize for this inconvenience and are correcting this issue immediately. All duplicates will be refunded,” spokeswoman Tara Burke said.

    Still no clear cause.

    1. Been away from computer all day, just heard of this really.
      I love how it’s “Apple’s fault”…. and then a few hours later we see BoA issuing an apology… and will reimburse people.

      Wait.. I thought it was Apple’s fault..

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