Apple 1 computer sells for $905,000 at auction

“One of the few remaining examples of Apple Inc’s first pre-assembled computer, Apple-1, sold for $905,000 at an auction in New York on Wednesday, far outstripping expectations,” Lehar Maan and Devika Krishna Kumar report for Reuters.

“The relic, which sparked a revolution in home computing, is thought to be one of the first batch of 50 Apple-1 machines assembled by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in Steve Job’s family garage in Los Altos, California in the summer of 1976,” Maan and Kumar report. “After that initial success, Jobs and Wozniak produced another 150 and sold them to friends and other vendors.”

Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and the Apple I

Maan and Kumar report, “Fewer than 50 original Apple 1s are believed to survive.”

Full article here.

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      1. You have to pay hazmat a hundred bucks plus tips to come and dispose of it. If you don’t pay at least 20% tip, it’ll just get dumped back in your yard overnight and cycle repeats.

    1. Probably it was assembled by Daniel Kottke.
      Woz cofounded Apple in 1976 but was reluctant to leave HP and spent most of his spare time designing the Apple II. He quit HP around 1977

    1. I had a Commodore 8096 with a whole 96k of RAM and TWO 5.25 inch floppies! It ran pretty well too. Mind you the printer had to go in it’s own acoustically shielded box or your ears bled.

  1. Keep in mind the Apple 1 was just a motherboard. You had to build the case and add all the interface components yourself. Thus every working Apple 1 out there is the result of some hobbyist’s labor and probably has a great deal of sentimental meaning to the hobbyist or his kids. I’m guessing that’s why they don’t come on the market very often.


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