Apple removes Bose headphones and speakers from retail stores

“It was reported last week that Apple would soon stop selling Bose headphones and speakers at its Apple Store locations,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac. “Previously, a variety of Bose headphones and speakers were demoed at each Apple Store location and available for purchase there and online.”

“All Bose speakers and headphones have since been completely removed from sale through the Apple Online Store and several Apple Retail Store locations we’ve contacted have confirmed Bose inventory is no longer available,” Hall reports. “Apple does still sell other competing headphone brands including Bowers & Wilkins, Urbanears, RHA, Sennheiser, and more suggesting the Bose move was more targeted.”

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    1. Bose, like Apple, is never perfect. But they’re creative. I champion creative.

      It’s sad that this has happened. But Bose apparently brought this down on themselves by picking on Apple via the usual patent contentions. I’m glad Apple and Bose sorted out the lawsuit, but in reality: Bose lost.

      1. Always think of Bose as good but very conservative, solid but a bit overpriced, just my perception of the company but strike me a bit like a poor man’s Bang & Olufsen though less pretentious and a bit better quality per price point- more substance and less style. Im sure there are as good or better products out there though they may not be Beats.

    1. I wish Bose ‘Good Luck’ replacing Apple as a global distribution channel.

      Maybe they can get a place in the Microsoft stores.

      There is a saying in show business which says “Never upset the piano player!”, basically an equivalent to “Never piss off anybody who makes your food”. You would think Bose would be aware of that, however it would appear not.

  1. I’m sure this has something to do with the Bose contract with the NFL and how Bose has banned players from using Beats headphones at games and even in their locker rooms before the games. At least one player has been fined $10k for wearing them.

    1. The OFFICIAL vs UNofficial headphones debacle. Gang warfare. (o_O)

      But don’t forget the Bose vs Apple sound cancelation patent lawsuit. We don’t know what was the final settlement, but this is clearly fallout falling on Bose, the real losers here.

    1. So true. Bose has good noise canceling technology, and I like my Bose Bluetooth headset, but the audio, whether car or home is crap. The sound is auto-equalized by Bose to sound good through their speakers, not speakers to make the music sound true.

    1. I second that …. Never like Beats in the first place, I respect Bose for thats what they do, Beats are just celebrity endorse crap just to look cool because you have one & if you know anything about sound & quality these would be the last in my list.

      1. For sound canceling, which brand headphones do you recommend?

        Anybody that SERIOUSLY knows about audio won’t get hung up on a particular brand. I compared a set of Senn Momentum On ear to my mother’s Bose OE2i which sounded great. Granted, the music wasn’t Tchaikovsky in DSD, but that’s not the purpose of this types of headset.

        Their in-ear Sound True sound about as good as my HiFi Man set for about the same price.

        Their full size around ear sound good but not as good as my slightly more expensive Beyedynamics.

        I’ve got a 13 year old Wave CD player that still works and sounds great.

        The Bose Soundlink Mini simply sounds incredible for its size.

        I’ve also had some crap from Bose that I have gotten rid of, like their 151 speakers and the original CineMate system. Pure crap.

        Beats new Solo2 are getting good reviews like this one

        and a simple search will help you find more objective review of some of Bose products.

        (BTW, I only have one Bose product in my house, and that is the WaveCD player. It was your line “Anybody who knows anything about audio” that set this off)

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