OS X Yosemite tips and tricks

“Apple’s OS X 10.10 Yosemite brings its desktop and laptop OS closer to the look and feel of iOS 8,” Eric Franklin reports for CNET. “It also includes a bevy of new exclusive features you won’t find on any other OS. At least for now.”

“You’ll find every Yosemite tip, trick, how to, explainer and DIY — don’t expect many of those — the CNET How To team has posted,” Franklin reports. “Expect constant updates over the next few weeks as we continue to delve deeper.”

OS X Yosemite tips and tricks:
• How to prepare your Mac for OS X 10.10 Yosemite
• How and when to download OS X Yosemite
• What’s new in Spotlight on OS X 10.10 Yosemite
• Get started with Handoff in OS X 10.10 Yosemite
• Explaining Extensions on OS X 10.10 Yosemite
• How to enable Dark Mode on OS X 10.10 Yosemite
• Four tips for Safari on OS X 10.10 Yosemite
• Use OS X 10.10 Yosemite to place, receive phone calls”

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  1. I’m amazed how I now can take a phone call from my phone, iPad, or computer. I almost fell out of my chair when my phone was in the other room and my computer started ringing and allowed me to take the call without having to run and fetch my phone.

    So far Yosemite is running fine. The look of the interface is quite a departure from the previous one. Nothing to panic about, everything is still there, quite a lot of tweaks to the look and feel. It’ll be old hat before long I’m sure.

    1. Wow I read your comment, then called my girlfriend from my Mac. The little status window appeared saying it was using my phone.

      Awesome! I will never have to pick up my phone when at my desk again!

      Its scary to think of how little chance there was that Steve would return to Apple and revive good design in computing. I do wish Apple would make iCloud Drive as simple as Dropbox though. After 10 tries and Dropbox to show the way they could do it, but I can’t even figure out how to make a shortcut to iCloud Drive or put it on my dock. Maybe for iOS-first people its perfect, but I am more Mac-first.

  2. Yeah I nearly panicked wit Safari. Could not find my favorites until I read this article. I really like how favorites are now. ITunes 12 took a bit of study as well. Yosemite justs looks great.

    1. Cupertino Joe: You could not find View->Show Favourites bar by yourself? I do not mean to sound rude but I guess there is no nicer way to put it 🙂 Do you think most people find this challenging and if so,how come? It is the fist and only (duh) place I looked for it….naturally.
      Again, entirely NOT meant in an insulting way, not at all!

    1. This should definitely stay an opt-out thing; otherwise, most people would never even discover it, and it is an immensely practical feature. I installed Yosemite on Thrusday night and have since already fielded at least ten phone calls on my office Mac, without having to reach for the phone. While the phone wasn’t really far away, I was already wearing my headphones, and I can answer calls without any interruption. The convenience is significant.

    1. I updated my mid-2009 Macbook Pro on release day to Yosemite, and it’s all running absolutely fine – phone calls coming through and everything – very impressed with the look and speed, and loving dark mode haha!

      No slow down or problems at all. Mine is 2.66Ghz 15″ with 8Gb of RAM and 750Gb Hybrid SSD.

    2. I installed Yosemite on my late 2008 MacBook (aluminum unibody) with 8GB Memory. Runs just fine and I’m enjoying exploring all the new capabilities. How many 6 year old Windows laptops are still alive, much less running the latest OS?

      1. I’ve had the public beta running on the same model – a bit slow, but it only has 2GB memory. Running the full version pretty well and good for email and surfing, iTunes, iWork.

  3. I use the “classic” layout in Mail, where messages are on a plain list that is sorted based on the selected column heading. There is a minor issue here. I usually sort by Date Received. Often, I select a message and change the sort order to From (so I can see all message from the same address together on the list). Previously, the selected message stayed visible on the list as it re-sorted. Now, the list is shown “from the top” (in the new sort order) and the selected message is “lost.” That’s a problem, if your Inbox is like mine with thousands of messages.

    Here’s the “tip,” if you find this annoying. After the list is re-sorted, that message (which is no longer visible) is still selected. Press Down Arrow (or Up Arrow), and the list gets scrolled properly to show the selected message.

    1. A similar issue is present in iOS 8 when you delete a message. It shows a message, but it is scrolled all the way to the top, so you are no longer in the same “timeframe” of messages. Unfortunately, this tip does not work as there are no arrow keys so you have to physically scroll down to that message to see where you are.

  4. Just finished updating to Yosemite, and it feels more different than previous versions. I definitely have some learnin’ to do. And, I need to get new iPhones to replace our old iPhone 4 models. No iCloud Drive for those antiques.

  5. The Green “dot” at upper left corner of window is now the button for full-screen mode. Previously, the Green button (usually) resized the window to the largest optimal size within the desktop space, and for some apps (such as Disk Utility and TextEdit), it still performs the “maximize” function (instead of going “full screen”).

    Here’s the “tip.” If you want to maximize the window within the desktop space instead of putting the window into its own full-screen space, press the Option key while clicking the Green button.

  6. Yosemite is another Apple “upgrade” that makes you lose the ability to run some of your current apps.
    Say goodbye to:
    iMovie HD
    MATLAB (although there is a BS workaround for this one)

        1. iMovie HD is almost nine years old now, and long abandoned by almost everyone. I wonder what is it that prohibits you from upgrading to any of the newer versions of iMovie? The software has come a long way since 2006…

  7. I only upgraded because I saw that Apple was providing an upgrade to Aperture (ver 3.6!). My biggest complaint was that I couldn’t take the low contrast pastel-look. Thankfully there was a fix that worked for me. First I went to System Prefs/General and ticked the Use dark menu bar and Dock item. Then I poked around in the Accessibility preferences and found that INCREASE CONTRAST made all the difference in the world. The blue highlight turns white, and all the GUI buttons are more defined. If you don’t mind feeling like a senior citizen, you can actually tweak the new “theme” here.

  8. High End 2013 15,4″ rMBP.
    Yosemite is screaming, feels faster than Mavericks especially Safari. I still use Chrome though but I will give the new Safari i good try!

  9. High End 2013 15,4″ rMBP.
    Yosemite is screaming, feels faster than Mavericks especially Safari. I still use Chrome though but I will give the new Safari i good try!
    Waiting for iOS 8.1 so i can test the full features..

  10. As an investor I really hope Apple would boost its Mac advertising and really tell people how great Yosemite and Macs are … C’mon Apple think of it as a SOCIAL SERVICE to help alleviate the pain of suffering Windows users…. 🙂

    1. Advertise macs because the tech sites that depend on dozens of Android reviews for income aren’t going to hype it..

      Yosemite is a big big deal in OS design yet..

      take this weekend’s Zdnet, Yosemite is buried somewhere on a launch article that focused a lot on bashing iOS 8 !

      Zdnet: “Apple releases OS X Yosemite…
      “these (Yosemite) features have yet to be widely documented because, until Yosemite’s release, iPhone and iPad owners running the latest iOS 8 version haven’t been able to use it.

      Apple’s share among existing iPhone and iPad users remains stale, almost a month after it first launched. With an install rate of just 47 percent— the exact same share of its older iOS 7 mobile operating system, with the remaining for much older devices — it failed to immediately take off.

      Many suggested it was due to iterative update problems with iOS 8.0.1, putting many users off upgrading to the software. Others believed it would slow down their older devices. Others, notably Apple watcher John Gruber, believed it was due to the amount of storage space the upgrade required.”

      Yosemite has wonderful features and they spend so much time on a one page article on iOS 8 bashing! Continuity is dismissed in 2 sentences!

      Prominently displayed on the their front page are articles on Chrome “Will Android and Chrome marry” and Nexus phones.
      and this is Zdnet , a general tech site and not some Android fanboy site.

      Apple you’ve got to advertise your great macs and OSX ’cause they ain’t going to do it for yer, are they going to whack android and Windows which generate 90% of their review, article income ?? …

      Apple’s got the best PCs and OS for years yet hardly any any ads at all since Mac PC guy (some mac users today weren’t even born yet when they stopped those ads ) …
      Big fan of you apple but show some Mac ad love!

      1. Who gives a shit about Zdnet. I just upgraded to Yosemite and it is an incredible update. Took less than 25 minutes to install and everything is working faster and smoother on my aging 2008 Mac Pro. Try that with Windows. 😉

        1. Add a SSD to that aging MacBook Pro and you won’t even feel like you need to upgrade for quite some time. Of course Handoff won’t work with an older Mac but apparently, it won’t work with a two year old system either. Simply amazing!

        2. “Who gives a shit about Zdnet”

          I don’t give a shit about Znet net either but as an aapl investor Apple should push it’s great products. I’m just pointing out few others are going to push it for them.

          Right now Apple stock is grossly undervalued, it’s PE is half googles. In spite of having great products like Yosemite it regularly gets tagged by the press as ‘lost it’s innovation’ etc.

          Also if you’re not an investor , me asking them to advertise does not hurt you at all , the product is still there for you to enjoy …

          Also more sales means more money so apple can spend more on R&D and make even better stuff…

          (For a company that size Apple spends near nothing on advertising, last year apple spent 1 billion or so on ads, Samsung electronics spent 14 billion , add that to Google’s , Msft (which spent near half apple’s budget on NFL promotion alone) , Lenovo, Acer, Dell etc — and apple spent almost nothing on macs or OSX advertising. )

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