Apple Watch to grace cover of Vogue China’s November issue

“Apple’s relationship with fashion has grown from a casual flirtation to a full-blown love affair,” The Business of Fashion reports. “BoF can reveal that the Apple Watch is set to make its editorial debut on the cover of Vogue China’s November issue, out this Monday, featuring Liu Wen.”

“It’s the latest in a series of activities that puts fashion at the focus of Apple’s communication strategy. On September 9th, in the middle of New York Fashion Week, the Silicon Valley-based company invited a cadre of fashion editors and bloggers to the unveiling of the Apple Watch, held at its the headquarters in Cupertino, California,” BoF reports. “Then, during Paris Fashion Week, Apple successfully squeezed itself into a hectic show schedule, staging an exclusive showcase of the new Apple Watch at Colette before attendees including Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld.”

Vogue China, November 2014, Apple Watch worn by supermodel Liu Wen
Vogue China, November 2014, Apple Watch worn by supermodel Liu Wen

“Later that evening, Apple organised a high-profile dinner for 250 fashion insiders, co-hosted by Azzedine Alaïa, Marc Newson and Jonathan Ive,” BoF reports. “But the guest of honour was the Apple Watch, several versions of which were displayed in a case right in the middle of the dinner venue, a space normally used as Mr Alaïa’s showroom. On their way out, guests were given exclusive images of the product, shot by Davis Sims and styled by Karl Templer, the very duo behind the Apple Watch’s fashion editorial debut on the wrist of Chinese supermodel Liu Wen in Vogue China.”

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  1. First terrible news for the unbelievers of the watch world. It’s going to be big. After the iPhone the latest to have accessory, the iWatch and if old westerners don’t believe in it Chinese will buy it like cup cakes. I’d sell the watch makers before it’s too late.

  2. Wasn’t it Liu Wen who ignited a rumour about being the face of Apple Watch ?

    As I mentioned at the time, she had obviously posed for a photo shoot wearing one, but that didn’t neccessarily mean that she would be Apple’s chosen model for it or the only one featured.

    The way she is posing her left arm looks somewhat unnatural, but it places the watch right in the centre of the image. It is obviously intentional. This is one hell of a coup for Apple and bodes very well indeed for the future of Apple Watch.

  3. I continue to find China to be ridiculous. I’m sure the multitude of peasants forced to work for miniscule wages, and liking it, will be all aflutter with consumerist desire for the Watch. However, if I were a victim citizen of that hellhole country, I’d be more interested in getting rid of its demented criminal government as step one. The Watch can be step two,

      1. sorry, the democratic ( or more accurately, the demonic) American government was sold to the communist (equally demonic) government long ago (see the multi-trillion dollar debt).

        the proportional percentile of peasants in each country is probably equivalent. sadly, the leadership of each country is also equally demented.

      2. Oh, I know how ‘wins’. In the end it’s no one and nothing, all thanks to we humans as a whole being dedicated to our Self-Destructive Imperative.

        In the short term, I can only point out that feeding China, with its totalitarian horror of a government, is the OPPOSITE of wise. The consequences are already profoundly detrimental. I dream that the Chinese people can end the horror. I encourage them. But I know how the story goes. I just enjoy being optimistic anyway. Bashing at the walls of stupid is far better than just sitting there tossing bricks up to the morons building it.

        The Great Wall Of Stupid.

  4. Derek, obviously you have never been to China, virtually everyone in the country is better off than they were ten years ago in China. The retail activity there would amaze anyone that thinks their local mall is busy, on the other hand America is worse off than ten years ago. Your redneck ignorant comments about China are just that.

    1. China certainly has a lot of poor people, but it also has a lot of middle class and very rich people. When you take into account the size of the population, catering for just the richest 10% of that population gives you an immensely valuable market. The same can be said of India too. Both countries have large numbers of people who are keen to buy aspirational products.

      I too have been to China and it’s a country that is really looking to the future and completing huge numbers of advanced projects. Americans would do well to carefully observe China and not to underestimate them. China is very much a rising star and within my lifetime ( and I’m a senior ), America might be playing second fiddle to China.

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