Analyst: Apple to unveil Apple TV App Store as soon as next week

“Apple is inching closer to unveiling an app store for its Apple TV set-top box, according to software developers interviewed by Global Equities Research,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “An app download store has long been rumored for Apple TV but has not yet come to light. Global Equities analyst Trip Chowdhry thinks the Apple TV app store is close to becoming reality based on a handful of developers he has questioned.”

“All of the developers are expecting a new Apple TV player with its own app store soon, but they are split on the timing of the launch, he said in a research note Wednesday,” Seitz reports. “Some say Apple will announce the new set-top box and app store on Oct. 16, when it is expected to show off new iPads and Mac computers. Others say it will happen in February, around the launch of the Apple Watch, he said.”

Seitz reports, “‘All these developers strongly believe that Apple has opened its Apple TV APIs (application programming interfaces) to some big developers including Facebook, Twitter, CNBC and Disney,” Chowdhry said. “These developers feel that Facebook and Twitter APIs may be built into (the) Apple TV Platform API, which if true, could jump-start a completely new TV experience called ‘Social TV.’ …Currently there are about 20 million Apple TV devices (in use) If Apple TV really opens up its APIs to the developers, it is conceivable that every household that has an iPhone will also have an Apple TV.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: This sounds great, but it’s too bad that this is coming from Trippy Chowderhead. We’ll need a better source before we allow ourselves to get too excited.


  1. I do need a nee Apple TV. I have v1 and v2. I am hesitant in buying v3, while a v4 is right around the corner. Please please please.

    My v1 is running XBMC, with a 1080p Brodcom excelerator installed, replacing the Wi-Fi mPCI adaptor. Not that Apple TV is bad, but this little box is running like a media desktop, the hardware is that good.

  2. The Apple TV is not going to have its own App Store, with apps that run directly ON the Apple TV. Instead, I think the approach Apple uses here is to facilitate introduction of iOS apps with a new enhanced “AirPlay mode,” to be offered and sold in the existing App Store.

    These apps can use used in “regular mode,” like any iOS app. So there is a huge existing market for developers, and it’s a “no-brainer” for them to jump onboard. When an Apple TV is detected, the app offers the user an option to use the new AirPlay mode. This turns the iOS device screen into a remote control (customized for that app) and turns over display duties to the Apple TV.

    1. Although i use airplay pretty often, i don’t think this is the approach apple is looking for. especially with 4k coming in the future….a device and wifi network will give hiccups. not the performance apple is looking for. I think there will be control over the icons that are on the apple tv, more content providers, possibly 4k output, developers able to write games for atv. The main elephant in the room is the ability to pay for one single app without having a cable subscription…until apple tv gets this option there won’t be much headway on an apple tv.

      1. Local WiFi network performance is an issue if iOS device is doing all the work, and sending this video data (frame by frame) to the Apple TV. Instead, the way it should work is for the iOS device to send a portion of the app TO the Apple TV, when the new AirPlay mode is called. The existing Apple TV has local “temp” storage. Apple TV then runs that portion of the app, with iOS device in control.

        Then, iOS device is only sending the remote control signals to Apple TV, not all the video data. That can easily be handled, even if wireless network is not optimal. Also, Apple TV, with its unlimited power source, is doing the heavy-lifting of processing video, while iOS device (on battery power) is mostly acting as a remote control and occasionally the permanent data storage.

        A simple example of this already works. The Apple TV Remote app runs on the iOS device and controls the “app” (the interface) on the Apple TV. That’s how the enhanced AirPlay mode should work.

        Additionally, this enhanced AirPlay approach works with the millions of existing Apple TV boxes. A large customer base is already in place. Apps that run directly on Apple TV probably require a new Apple TV; potential customers start back at ZERO. And, if new Apple TV apps run directly on the Apple TV, a new (included) remote control device is needed, that can handle the more complex input for running apps. Using the enhanced AirPlay approach, the iOS device screen becomes the custom remote control device, and Apple TV can continue to ship with its simple remote control. The price remains $99, which is another key factor.

        1. I would actually like reverse Airplay where my iPad or Mac can be used to directly see and interact with a copy of whatever is shown on the Apple TV box screen, instead of as a dumb Remote control.

  3. I’ve got an ATV3r2. What specific improvements would make your ATV experience better? For me, it would be the option to completely mask or display for one second during passcode entry. Easier, integrated connection of wireless headphones to the ATV audio output. And on everyone’s list, faster processor and more storage.

    1. If there is a v4, it will have 802.11ac and that will take care of the wifi problem. I have a v1. Never had any problems with Netgear 802.11n. Now I upgraded to a Netgear Nighthawk 802.11ac wireless there is an improvement even though it is still using n. It is all in the wireless and I found out that if you do not want to go to Apple Wirelees the next best thing is Netgear.

    2. 802.11 ac WiFi. The A7 that is in the current iPad since the board in the ATV is a iPad board made for the ATV, or even the A8. They will be in the new iPad that are coming. Increase the SD Ram. That will smoke the Roku.

  4. An App store for TV would be great if…
    you could purchase shows running live directly from the network you wanted too
    even if you didn’t have it in you current TV subscription package
    ie Homeland via Showtime (if you don’t have showtime)

    or subscribe to that network via TV

    basically a la carte Tv subscription.

  5. TV app store is the beginning of ala carte IPTV service. instead of ordering cable package, you’ll be able to download an app and subscribe to live tv from that apps network(s).

    for example, FOX app subscription will get you live tv from fox, fox news, foxsports, FX and so on.

  6. From the invite it says a lot “It has been a long time”. It has been a long time since Apple came out with v3 and the App store for the ATV. It has nothing to do with the iPad and iPad Mini. They updated that last year. It also has nothing to do with the iMac since that was updated 16 months ago. Apple took so long with the ATV, Roku took over the number one position about 3 months ago. It is defiantly a long time coming.

  7. It seems as though I’ll finally consider buying an AppleTV. I’ve been using various versions of Roku and I’m now at Roku 3. Why? Basically because it supported PLEX Media Center from the very beginning. If AppleTV had supported PLEX Media Center I would have had one long ago.

    I don’t really need either at this point because I’m now using a i7 MacMini connected to my HDTV and that can handle practically everything I throw at it. However, I’m still happy to hear that Apple is at least trying to keep up with Roku and FireTV.

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