ARM, TSMC announce plans for 64-bit ARM-based processors on 10FinFET tech

“ARM and TSMC have announced a new multi-year agreement in order to develop ARM-based processors which are based on TSMC 10FinFET process technology,” Charlie Osborne reports for ZDNet. “The companies announced the new agreement on Thursday. The firms said that success in scaling from 20SoC to 16FinFET and the popularity of such technology influenced the new deal, and both ARM and TSMC will collaborate again for 10FinFET. ARM and TSMC hope that developing the roadmap early will result in 10FinFET designs as early as Q4 2015.”

“TSMC, also known as Taiwan Semiconductor, will base the new networking chips on 20SoC and 16FinFET in the ARM ecosystem in order to improve both performance and power consumption levels in next generation hardware,” Osborne reports. “Using a technique TSMC calls CoWoS (chip-on-wafer-on-substrate), the Taiwanese firm is able to combine different process nodes on a single substrate — which results in smaller hardware.”

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    1. Well, Samsung is claiming to be producing the A9 chip for Apple likely at the 14nm process. Although it would be nice to skip Samsung an the next process and go from 20 to 10nm.

    2. Lets hope Apple gains this too… can not see why not, as ARM and Apple have worked closely before. However, this news some what says 64 bit could available to the competitors.

      Squeezing the size down from 20 to 10 would be advantageous to Apple just the same. Look for thinner A9 M9 iPhone 7 ‘s to come.
      With projection screens and holographic keyboards — please.

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