With Apple Pay launch, mobile payments have finally arrived

“Coinciding with the recent announcement of Apple Pay, a new report from global consultancy Kurt Salmon shows consumers are well positioned to make the transition to mobile payments—with a little help from banks, payment networks and retailers,” Dennis Sellers reports for Apple Daily Report. “‘Apple’s entry into the field sends a clear signal that mobile payments are here to stay,’ says Michael Archer, a partner in Kurt Salmon’s Global Financial Services practice and co-author of the report.”

“The arrival of Apple Pay just ahead of next year’s mandated shift to EMV chip-and-PIN technology in the United States opens up new possibilities,” Sellers reports. “‘Replacing or upgrading payment terminals will be costly—about $7 billion across the country, according to our analysis,’ adds Archer. ‘But the opportunity now exists for retailers, service providers and banks to consolidate their mobile and EMV investments into one upgrade … We’re working toward a tipping point of broad adoption of this technology that, when it happens, will spell the most significant evolution in consumer payments in more than two decades.'”

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    1. Although they’d likely be foolish to omit the NFC capability, the new terminals don’t have to have anything but an EMV card slot and keyboard. AFAIK, NFC is not a required thing.

      1. Not even a keyboard, just a keypad to punch in the PIN.

        Verifone includes NFC in their new smaller terminals, but not in the bigger terminals – it’s an add-on for the terminals with the 7″ screens on them. I’ve noticed Lowes and Target both installed the larger terminals without the NFC add-ons. IKEA on the other hand recently went with the smaller NFC enabled models.

  1. So unless I get an apple watch (which I don’t want), or upgrade to the larger 6 or 6+ (which I disdain for the sizes) I’m basically shit out of luck, unless Apple designs something to work with the 5s for Apple pay. For the price of a small peripheral, Apple could make more money on Apple pay if they could make this work for the 5s. Develop a small lightning NFC dongle for the 5s.

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