Apple to resurrect Camera Roll in iOS 8.1

“It’s certainly been a testing time for Apple, what with the release of iOS 8 worse than last years update in terms of problems, but also having to manage the negative impact of the iPhone 6 bending videos appearing online,” Peter Chubb reports for Product Reviews Net. “However, Apple is doing its best to get on top of the former issue and has now made iOS 8.1 beta live and ready for download.”

“We can see a number of tweaks, improvements and changes while looking through the iOS 8.1 beta release notes, with one of the biggest talking points seeing the Camera Roll back,” Chubb reports. “We cannot be certain if it will be just like last time, or if they have just renamed Recently Added, meaning Camera Roll could also show photos taken from the last 30 days.”

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  1. Now if Apple would just make the Bookmark memu snap back to its rolled up position after using it in Lamdscape mode, it would return the user experience we all miss by having to make several moves to acheive this and get the whole screen back…

    1. Wow, yes that was a most annoying change. Even more annoying than camera roll. For me, at least.

      These are two examples of change for change sake. How did these changes make the experience better? They don’t improve anything. More button presses instead of less. WTF, Apple?

    2. Wow. I have just the opposite opinion. I have the Bookmarks turned on, therefore I want to see them ALL the time. It’s really annoying to me to have to scroll back down a little to get them to show up again. I don’t want them hidden…that’s why I turned on the switch. Oh, I guess it’s Favorites Bar. The only advantage I see to them hiding is there is more room for advertisements.

    1. My iphone 5 was doing the same thing. I took it to the Apple Store, still under warranty by a month, and was quickly (and cheerfully) given a new phone. I’m guessing it was a known issue.

  2. Managing photos on the phone is difficult IMHO. When I sync my phone I only get the option to delete all photos. In reality I want to keep some of the photos but not all of them. After syncing I can delete photos on the phone but it is a slow process. It would be good to have the option to check photos you want to keep on the phone after syncing. The key would be to have the software remember ones you have selected in the past (they should be the only ones on the phone in the previous sync) so you only have to go through the newer photos.
    At this point the only option appears to be to create albums and select those for syncing. Given that I have hundreds of those by now it is not easy to search through them.

  3. Worse than iOS 7 “in terms of problems”? Really?

    How quickly these tech reviewers forget about the “white screen of death” random resets and avalanche of complaints about the much more drastic UI changes that accompanied iOS 7. Lemme guess, this guy wrote about last year being a “testing time for Apple” as well. Cut and paste, Apple is doomed, this would have never happened if Steve was still alive — same old lazy tech “journalism.”

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