CNN: Apple’s iPhone 6 goes on sale, and the lines are insane; iPhone 6 passes first public drop test

“The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus hit stores Friday, with Apple fans around the world camping out in line to become some of the first owners of the new devices,” James O’Toole reports for CNNMoney.

“In New York City, nearly 1,000 people were already in line by around 9 p.m. Thursday evening — a line that spanned several city blocks,” O’Toole reports. “In Hong Kong, the line started around 5 p.m. Thursday, and grew to include customers who had flown in from India, China and the United Kingdom just to make their purchases.”

“Sales started with a literal bang in Australia, where a young man at the head of the line outside a Perth store unboxed his new iPhone 6 on live TV, only to drop it to the pavement,” O’Toole reports. “(Onlookers gasped, though the device reportedly survived the fall just fine).”


[protected-iframe id=”13fda81c1e84695ae5bda7e2177e52cd-17146794-18685410″ info=”—final.cnnmoney” ]

Direct link to video report here.

MacDailyNews Take: Watch your evening news tonight, Apple and iPhone 6/Plus will be all over it!

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    1. The guy is an idiot. In a rush to be on TV he drops his brand-new iPhone. Probably isn’t his first iPhone so he should understand how tight the packaging is and that there’s a very good chance it will come flying out. Idiot.

  1. Shouldn’t the news lady there be buying him a new one? They wanted him to hold it and open the box in the dumbest way possible for the cameras! Then she shakes her head, should be coming out of her pay check.

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