Citigroup: Demand is off the charts for Apple’s 64-bit Phone 6/Plus

CNBC discusses “off-the-charts” iPhone 6/Plus demand at Apple, with Jim Suva, Citi director of investment research.

We are projecting between 11-12 million [units]… the range has to do with supply constraints because demand, purely, we are seeing as very strong.

Having a shortage actually helps spur even more demand, but, purely put, this is a really hard product to make: the seamless integration of the glass, the rounded sides.. it’s a product that’s made to tight specifics [tolerances], it’s hard to make. We believe volumes will ramp, but, indeed, demand is off the charts. – Jim Suva, Citigroup analyst

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Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Have a lovely weekend, Samsung.

Stay toasty!

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  1. Yup, Samsung had no clue Apple was going to drop that bomb… Well, more like a precision guided, bust throughout the front door of the boardroom, nuclear missile.


  2. Frustratingly though aapl is down 1% as I’m writing this while Msft and Amzn are up 2%. Msft is up because they fired people and according to analysts that’s great as it saves costs!

    Aapl is so undervalued it’s crazy, a P.E of 16 vs 30+ for Goog. (In spite of Google not having had a hit for years, Android if you count motorola losses is a money loser). That’s almost double Apple’s valuation.

    Like I wrote yesterday I can only surmise there’s an irrational hatred among fund managers for Apple . Most of them are middle aged conservative folks, Crouched over their Excel PCs clutching their Blackberries they are feeling like idiots as they know they are using equipment that is being trashed.

    I’m not talking nonsense…
    Some years ago I pulled out of tech fund of my bank as it had ZERO aapl in it while it had Dell, HP, Msft etc. !

    If Msft had a blockbuster like iP6 the stock would be up 10% this morning. Right now even with it’s job cuts it’s P.E is LARGER than aapl (which means that (big) investors think it has a better future than Apple!)

    1. I had asked the same thing but I was told I was being overly sensitive to today’s Apple share price movement. I don’t really concern myself over Apple’s day to day stock movement but I did find it odd that the stock was down when there didn’t seem to be any reason for it to be. Usually they say as long as iPhone demand is high the stock moves up, so today must have been contrary to what usually happens and I was a bit surprised, that’s all.

      1. Yes it’s a bit disappointing but I am in long term. Apple’s lineup is so strong now that I figure even with hiccups in the stock price eventually it will rise. That seems to have been the trend last 10 years or so since I’ve followed it. Fund managers don’t seem to realize as well that Apple’s rivals are collapsing (example: HTC with good — by android standards that is – phones has lost money three quarters in a row and we know Samsung Msft are being squeezed… ).

    2. But, but, but, Google has those weird glasses, and driverless cars, that nobody can buy, and maybe they’ll come out with something someday. . .

      And Microsoft has a . . . a Surface . . . a tablet/laptop that to use the keyboard feature you have to find, well. . . a surface to put it down on to type. Right? Great name! Great concept. Everyone will want to look around for a desk to use their Surface on!

      And HP? Well, HP has a really great looking CEO sitting on a ball in a red dress. . .

  3. One of the benefits of living in the sticks is being able to walk into a Tmobile shop this morning and pick up the first iPhone 6 they sold. They didn’t even have a display model yet. Mine was the first they got to touch. The shop only got 128gb gray models…would have liked a 64, but Apple was SMART. They knew that the shops getting only a few at a time would be forced to BUY WHAT IS AVAILABLE. No biggie though. I still have 107 GB free after my update. This was 10:00 am today. This phone is an instant nerd boner. Pure slab of tech perfection. I can’t imagine a better form factor for any phone. The way the glass merges with the body is as close to seamless as I can imagine. Very pleased today!! Great strategy by Apple. They are gonna make a $hit pot full of money!

  4. I agree completely that it’s creating more demand, I would have only bought a 6 Plus had there been no delay, but because I found out there was a lot of demand and my shipment was being delayed due to supply constraints, I also bought a 6 that I have in my hand today. For many of their hard core buyers, this is also likely to be the case.

  5. Visited an AT&T store at lunchtime. Briefly tested both phones and they are of a high quality build not to mention the total Apple experience.

    Was going to upgrade to the 6, Plus too big for my taste — but the lack of image stabilization and lower pixel display canceled my purchase.

    A guy next to me said the same thing, when they upgrade the 6, I’m all in … agreed.

  6. This just out! (well, actually made up on the spot like all the other rumours).

    The iPhone 7 will have the ear sound opening on the top and will be easier to not block off with your ear folds. The top bezel will be nearly the same size as the side bezels and the home button will disappear and have the same pressable display tech as the Watch. Apple will also make the battery bigger and incorporate a low speed inductive charger like the Watch as well as a high speed charger via the Lightning connector.

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