Apple iPhone 6/Plus sales primed to set new all-time smartphone record – if supply allows

“Techies camp out for Apple iPhones the way rock fans camp out for concert tickets,” Tom Risen reports for U.S. News & World Report. ” Jason Burrell, 25, became the first person in Washington, D.C., to own the new iPhone 6 after being ushered into the Apple Store in Georgetown, taking video with his iPad as he proudly walked to the cashier while being cheered on by a crowd of excited staff. Burrell had been camping in front of the store for a solid 24 hours, since 8 a.m. Thursday.”

“Apple aficionados in the District seem to agree: The lines for the iPhone 6 started forming at 8 a.m. on Thursday, while last year, people started lining up for the then-new Phone 5S at 6 p.m. the night before,” Risen reports. “Supplies of the new phones in stores are expected to sell out Friday, and demand for pre-orders often make it difficult to get a phone in the first two months of a new iPhone launch.”

“The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus set a record for the tech giant, which sold more than 4 million of them in 24 hours on Sept. 12 when they became available for pre-order online, the company reported,” Risen reports. “Many people who camp out for the latest phones each September have been using the iPhone since its debut in 2007, including Emmett Williams, 24, of Chevy Chase, Maryland, who camped out for the fifth time Friday. ‘It’s something I’m used to now. I bring snacks and dress for the weather,’ says Williams, who camped with a lawn chair and a hoodie sweatshirt since 5 p.m. on Thursday. ‘Everyone who is the owner of an Apple product should experience it and have fun with it.'”

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  1. Sorry, but supply won’t allow. Being this is the seventh iPhone launch, you’d think Apple would learn and could do a better job by now ensuring that supplies allow!

    1. If you learned anything from basic Economic’s class – you throttle the supply in order to keep demand high for a longer period of time…

      But then again that is assuming you passed Economic’s… Or even graduated high school for that matter…

      1. There are no apostrophes in plural. Apostrophe marks a possessive form. Someone who graduated high school (elementary school, in fact) in English would normally know this.

        I will assume you are a foreigner (English as a second language), which would explain it.

          1. Well, no. As a slavic language, Serbian has somewhat complex rules for forming plural (depending on gender and ending, adding a suffix or changing the ending of a noun). English (and most other germanic or romance languages) have much simpler and more consistent formation of plural, but I can’t think of any that use apostrophe…

  2. Wall Street does not seem at all happy about those waiting in line. Apparently the lines aren’t long enough and the customers aren’t moving fast enough. I think Apple has just about tapped out what it can do to satisfy investors. When I look at the overall picture of iPhones sales it seems like such an immense undertaking and incredible consumer response, but yet there are those who see it as an underwhelming feat.

    I know Apple won’t be going out of business but I don’t see much chance of the share price moving more than $2 or $3 even with a stiff tailwind. I can only imagine how much revenue and profits 80 million iPhone units could bring, but I guess it’s not nearly impressive enough to the powers that be. From the few articles I’ve read, reviewers think Apple did a decent job with both iPhones but see them as on par with any Android flagship smartphone. Maybe that’s a good thing. Realistically, I think Apple did about as good as can be done with a minimum of complaints.

    1. Why do you still own AAPL? You seem like a smart person and come across knowing the stock’s history with ups and downs. Maybe you should have bought CENX, X, AA? Don’t get me wrong. Apple is sound company and great stock but for the long haul, just don’t watch it daily.

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