VirnetX’s $368 million jury award against Apple tossed by appeals court

“A federal appeals court on Tuesday threw out a $368 million jury award for patent infringement that VirnetX Holding Corp. won against Apple Inc. in 2012 regarding communications features on iPhones, iPads and other devices,” Brent Kendall reports for The Wall Street Journal. “”

“The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, a specialized Washington-based court that handles patent appeals, ruled the verdict was ‘tainted’ by erroneous jury instructions in the case. The court also held some trial testimony from a VirnetX expert on monetary damages should have been excluded,” Kendall reports. “VirnetX alleged in 2010 that Apple’s FaceTime and a feature related to virtual private networks infringed the firm’s patents.”

“The case now goes back to a trial court for reconsideration, where VirnetX faces the possibility of collecting a smaller damages award the second time around,” Kendall reports. “Shares of Nevada-based VirnetX plunged on the ruling, down 45% in recent trading.”

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