Early iPhone 6 release date hours confirmed for Verizon stores

“On the iPhone 6 release date this Friday Verizon will open two hours early to start selling the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which means you’ll need to factor that in if you plan to line up for the new iPhones early that morning or overnight,” Josh Smith reports for Gotta Be Mobile.

“It’s not a shock to see the early hours for Verizon stores on the iPhone 6 release date, but it is good to know that the hours are confirmed and will match the timing at a local Apple Store,” Smith reports. “Verizon confirmed that corporate owned stores will open at 8 AM local time on the iPhone 6 release date, two hours ahead of the normal opening.”

“After spending several new iPhone releases at a Verizon store you can expect a line to form by 4-5AM local time, possibly earlier this year. We rarely encounter someone staying out all night, but it is not unheard of in bigger cities,” Smith reports. “The line typically grows rapidly starting at 7-7:15 as more shoppers decide to come buy a new iPhone and by the time the first few shoppers check out the line often wraps around the building at a local Verizon.”

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  1. Visited local T-Mobile store today. 8 am for them too. Though regarding quantities they said could be 2, 12 or a little more so good luck.

    I think I’ll try my local Apple store. Hopefully they have a little more stock and better access then the two hours I wasted during the pre-order night debacle.

  2. How about an article about how sleazy Verizon is as they switched the original date of arrive (9/19) to various parts of October for tons of customers. There are complaints all over Verizon’s site, but there’s no answers which is no surprise. Many people pre-ordered with a 9/19 date of arrival shown at checkout, only to receive an email reply with an October date. They’re very quick to respond to your needs like “oh, so you want to add more bandwidth speed?”, but need an update on your pre-order situation and you’ll be diverted in every way on their God-awful web site

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