Macworld reviews 64-bit iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: Bigger is better (in the right hands)

“The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are essentially the same device, with differently sized displays and only a few minor internal variations,” Jason Snell writes for Macworld. “The phones’ release marks the first time Apple has launched two entirely new iPhones simultaneously, as last year’s iPhone 5c was really just an iPhone 5 with a different body.”

“Even though the iPhone 6 is slightly heavier than the iPhone 5, its curved edges (not just the metal, but the edges of the glass front are curved) and thinness save it from feeling like an oversized monstrosity. After a few days, I found I had unconsciously changed the default position of my fingers when holding the phone, and using it felt entirely natural,” Snell writes. “Then there’s the iPhone 6 Plus. While I wouldn’t call it an ‘oversized monstrosity,’ it’s definitely huge… this seems to be a device that’s made for two-handed operation.”

“I also discovered, to my surprise, that the front pockets of my Levi’s jeans were able to hold the iPhone 6 Plus without any problem,” Snell writes. “I’ll wager that for most iPhone 5 users, the iPhone 6 will be a solid upgrade, and after a few days of adjustment, they’ll never miss their old iPhones. As for the iPhone 6 Plus, it’s a device that will undoubtedly find its adherents. They might be people who use their iPhones constantly and also need as much battery power as possible, or people with large hands, or people for whom it will be the only computing device they’ll use every day.”

iPhone 6: 4.5 mice. iPhone 6 Plus: 4 mice.

Tons more (processors, displays, camera, etc.) in the full review here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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      1. Could have.
        But if they made 1,000 6+ and 10,000 6… It all depends on the number they had made.

        From the poll results, reviews, and anecdotal evidence here and elsewhere. I’m thinking a 60/40 split is probably going to be close. (60% 4.7″ iPhone 6)

  1. There are so many cool things about the 6plus, but to really take advantage of the biometrics, one would need “wear” it all the time. And I find even today’s 5 a bit much for that. I guess that’s where the iWatch comes in….

    1. By ‘wear’ surely you mean ‘carry’?
      And I carry an iP5 all day, every day, and barely notice it, in the same way that people carry wallets both larger and thicker than an iPhone. I had an armoured, waterproof case on my 5 up until very recently, which was *much* bulkier than either the 6 or 6+, and hardly noticed it.
      But then, I’m not a hipster wearing a teenage girl’s jeans, I’m a middle-aged bloke who wears loose-fitting jeans, combats and skate shorts, and can cope with a larger phone perfectly well.

      1. Simply that between the Galaxy S line and the Nexus lines of Android phones, a nice sized portion of the touted improvements made to the iPhone 6/6 Plus have already been done. Any argument of who copied who should die now or just be considered a hypocrit. Just concede that OEMs will find ‘inspiration’ in the others’ designs and innovations.

    1. Android phone that has a E-ink display on the back already being sold in Russia.. I think it’s called the Yotaphone. Next version said to possibly release in the US next year. A few reviewers liked how it almost looked like the text was printed on the back of the phone.

  2. What a surprise, the iPhone 6 Plus fit in his Levis jeans pocket. Of course it did. The overwhelmingly vast majority of people who bellyache that the phone is too big and won’t fit in their pockets are those who have never had one that size or tried to use one for any length of time. And everyone else who has complained about the increase in size, in even the iPhone 6 will come around and realize that the phone fits in their better than the ever could have imagined, including my kids.

  3. No, not exactly ‘minor’ variations:

    The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are essentially the same device, with differently sized displays and only a few minor internal variations,” Jason Snell writes for Macworld.

    Apple has an iPhone model comparison page here:

    Unique to the iPhone 6 Plus:
    – Size
    – PPI: 401 ppi vs 326 ppi on iPhone 6 (Pixels per Inch)
    – Contrast Ratio: 1300:1 (typical) vs 1400:1 on iPhone 6
    – Optical image stabilization
    – Battery Life: Therefore greater Talk time, Standby time, Internet use time, Video playback time, Audio playback time.

    I’ve heard some tech mavens stating that they’ll be getting the iPhone 6 Plus specifically because of its optical image stabilization.

            1. Yes and for those who do not want it, it serves no purpose. Give the user the choice to download or not. Otherwise you cannot call per-installed apps on other phones bloatware.

            1. My very soul bleeds for these poor individuals, forced to accept for free something which others will actually have to pay for.
              (Is it necessary to put /s here?) 😉

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