Two prominent medical trials shed light on how Apple’s HealthKit will work

“Two prominent U.S. hospitals are preparing to launch trials with diabetics and chronic disease patients using Apple Inc’s HealthKit, offering a glimpse of how the iPhone maker’s ambitious take on healthcare will work in practice,” Christina Farr reports for Reuters. “Apple last week mentioned the trials in a news release announcing the latest version of its operating system for phones and tablets, iOS 8, but this is the first time any details have been made public.”

“Stanford University Hospital doctors said they are working with Apple to let physicians track blood sugar levels for children with diabetes. Duke University is developing a pilot to track blood pressure, weight and other measurements for patients with cancer or heart disease.,” Farr reports. “The goal is to improve the accuracy and speed of reporting data, which often is done by phone and fax now. Potentially doctors would be able to warn patients of an impending problem. The pilot programs will be rolled out in the coming weeks.”

“Reuters previously reported that Apple is in talks with other U.S. hospitals. Stanford Children’s Chief Medical Information Officer Christopher Longhurst told Reuters that Stanford and Duke were among the furthest along. Longhurst said that in the first Stanford trial, young patients with Type 1 diabetes will be sent home with an iPod touch to monitor blood sugar levels between doctor’s visits,” Farr reports. “”

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