You just made a very huge mistake by ordering the iPhone 6 Plus

“Look, the iPhone 6 Plus has a lot going for it. Its battery is like, so much better than the iPhone 5s. The camera is even better than the iPhone 6! And the screen! Holy screen!” Jonathan S. Geller writes for BGR. “But there is one big problem here… most of you just picked it because it was the ‘better’ and more expensive option.”

Geller writes, “I think there’s a good chance that over half of you that ordered the iPhone 6 Plus are going to end up returning it for the iPhone 6, which is already substantially larger than the iPhone 5s.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Did you order an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus? If so, why did you choose the iPhone you chose and do you think you made a mistake?

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    1. I even created a cutout with cardboard backing and tried it in various pants pockets, held it in landscape and portrait modes. The fact that it is full HD and 64GB of memory will be great.

      The author is confused and I am an idiot reading that shit and responding to it in the first place.

    2. I ordered the gold 128GB iPhone 6+. No second thoughts. No hesitation. Going after the big diff compared to my 64GB dark gray iPhone 5S. Even if I do end up paying over the next 20 months a premium price near that of a lap top. Yow!!
      I’ll have to hide it from my family and my more moderate colleagues and friends. They’ll think I’ve lost my mind, as I struggle to pull it out of my pants pocket.

    3. This article is pure worthless click bait crap. What drives someone to write such an offensively negative article that has no basis in fact whatsoever? Not only is it personal opinion but it’s personal opinion on something that can’t be judged yet! And writing an article with no value, and no point other than to tell people they made a mistake? Total crap.

    4. I haven’t upgraded my iPhone 4 yet, but I’m going to the iPhone 5s. I’ve liked how easy it is to slip the 4 into my pocket all these years… I have a calculator the size of the 6 Plus and no way can I see carrying that thing around comfortably. I never did like the bigger Samsung phones I saw in the past either. TOO BIG!

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            1. Seriously, you need to consider posting more often. If something happened to me, the World Wide Web would be gasping for philosophical relevance. Yes, I am claiming Socrates’ breadstick (no scepter for a sorry widow)

    1. I think the REAL surprise will be that Apple keeps selling the “small” iPhone 5S at a brisk pace. It’s still better than any smartphone that does not have an Apple logo, and it’s now $100 less expensive, $150 less for the 32GB model. Available immediately. And the iPhone 5C will become MORE popular than before, now that it is the “free” option.

      By the end of this iPhone model year, Apple will start working on a “new” small iPhone to replace the iPhone 5S in 2016, even while the larger iPhones enjoys their own success.

      1. That’s what I’m expecting for, because, if for updating my iPhone I have buy such these new size I’ll keep my 5s till I find something that fits my needs. 4 inch is maximum of a mobile ‘PHONE’ for me.

  1. I got the space grey 64gb 6+. I just felt like I needed to pay more than others.. Actually I wanted something drastically different than what I have, with the option to return it and grab the smaller one. My friends with S5’s always say they wish they had the note 3 for its screen size so that’s kind of what I’m building off of. Also I did a pocket test with the note 3 and it fit just fine, so the thinner 6+ seems like it will work for me

    1. That’s exactly why I went with the 6+. I’ve had an iPhone since Day One (I stood in line), and I figured, why not change it up? I also have huge hands. My 5S doesn’t even cover the space between the inside base of my thumb and the web of my fingers, so I imagine I’ll be able to manage the 6+ just fine.

      And then there’s the optical image stabilization…

  2. After using the Note 3 for a month earlier this year, I knew I wanted a larger iPhone. For the 30 days using the larger phone, I rarely grabbed my iPad for anything other than specific work-related things, which were minimal

    No regrets on the +!

  3. No mistake here either. I ordered the 128GB model. The selling point for me between the two models was the optical image stabilization and battery. I did research, printed out a cardboard mockup to see how it fits. Will be just fine with me.

    1. I did the same thing with cardboard, even layered it to get roughly the right thickness to it as well. Even my 14 yr old daughter said she’s take the 6+ … which is good, because that’s what she’s getting in a year!

  4. I got the 6+ larger screen better camera in that it has image stabilization. I pay extra for camera lens with that IS and a lot more than the iPhone 6+ costs. So I know what I am getting and I’m happy with it.

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