In case you missed it, Apple just went thermonuclear on Samsung

“Forget about Apple’s courtroom battles with Samsung,” Mark Reschke writes for TGAAP. “On Tuesday Apple launched what can only be described as an all-out nuclear attack on Samsung. Apple has taken the war from a nearly broken court system and onto the consumer battlefield. Apple’s dual combination product launch wasn’t just a shot across Samsung’s bow, it was a devastating blow to Samsung’s front line which is rapidly collapsing.”

“Price and size is likely to make the 4.7″ iPhone the volume selling model, but based on media reviews the 5.5″ iPhone Plus may be a surprisingly solid seller for Apple, carving out chunks of Samsung’s Galaxy Note market share,” Reschke writes. “The high-end smartphones market is the only money making segment in the industry, a space that only Apple and Samsung have been able to derive profitability from. Apple’s all-out assault on Samsung in their only profitable space should have the company’s executives crying themselves to sleep in fear.”

Thermonuclear“iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will take pound of flesh from Samsung’s rapidly eroding profitability, but it is Apple’s new smart watch, Apple Watch, that will also stall Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch sales,” Reschke writes. “The Apple Watch will push many of those who are on the fence over the edge to Apple’s greener pastures, as the wearable device is generations ahead of Samsung’s offerings.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Boom!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lorax” for the heads up.]


    1. Please note: There are no 64-bit Google Androids or Samsung devices in any size at any price. Apple needs to really start hammering real differences between open unsecured toys and Apple iOS devices!

      Where are the funny ads calling out these pathetic facades of what is the world’s best personal devices. Show me the “I am an iOS device and I am Android” ads. Time to man up Apples advertising team!!!

        1. They don’t want to credit Samsung as a dominant player as Microsoft was when those ads were aired. You behave with contempt to wannabes not by giving them the air of competitor that you fear i.e. what Samsung are doing.

          However what Apple should do on occasion is mock Samsung’s mockery by the occasional dismissive reference in ways that we know who the barb is aimed at but without any mention of their name. Certainly a satire on Samsungs ‘satire’ has plenty of scope now that all the latter’s bluster is looking quite lame right now and innovation to them is more about holes in your case rather than anything useful.

    2. I’ve been saying this for awhile now since Tim Cook took over. Jobs was mad, so he went to war in court. Cook is the ultimate in efficiency, so he realized that lawsuits will do nothing to stop Samsung.

      Cook instead turned Apple to a high-speed innovation machine, but not everything is obvious or resulted in new products immediately: the Mac Pro’s design and assembly processes, the A chip designs, 64 bit OS, TouchID, Sapphire glass investments, CarPlay, huge data center investments with their own alternative energy power sources to buffer ever-increasing energy costs, iOS 7, etc.

      And now we get flashy new products, the iPhone 6s and Apple Watch. The headline makers, the sales producers, and just the latest in technology and engineering that Samsung and Google can’t possibly maintain. Cook is showing his plan to defeat the copiers, and it involves turbocharged sprinting ahead so far, so fast that they disappear from the rear-facing camera.

      1. Not sure it is as black-and-white as this. The legal system is woefully slow, especially for the fast-changing tech industry. But a favorable legal decision in the end can be golden. The problem is the US “justice” system is an anachronism, and slow.

        Example: it took a small pomegranate juice company 5 years — FIVE YEARS ! — just to get the Supreme Court to agree that it was legally allowed to sue Coca Cola for fraudulent advertising. (Coca Cola was selling their own “pomegranate” juice drink that was only 1.5% real pomegranate juice). The company name is Pom Wonderful. Look for the PBS radio interview. It is a pathetic sign of the inadequacy of the US legal system to deal with fast-changing tech issues.

    1. Samsung did a great deal of copying. Sometimes sloppy, sometimes similar, sometimes innovative.

      Apple did also copied and innovated on what was copied. Not as many slops.

      All inventors stand on the shoulders of those before them. Apple Watch stand on Rolex as well as iPod Nano for example.

      1. Examples of Apple copying? Got any? No, not mythological copying, or propagandist bullshit perpetrated by the envious, or ignorant hearsay blahblah. Real examples. Go on! List them out for us.

        The only two I can think of is the adoption of Command-Tab to bring up a list of running applications OH WAIT! Windows doesn’t have a command key, so I guess we can sort of scratch that one off the list…. The other one is Fast User Switching, which Steve Jobs pointed out was intentionally ripped off from windows.

        YOUR TURN!

        1. Any idiot is aware that Windows is a ripoff of Mac OS. Why is this even a topic?

          Nobody discovered America, it was prediscovered by the andalusians, the celts, the norse, the chinese, amoebas. Nobody is entitled to credit for anything. The wheel is obvious, as is the rectangle, the picture frame, the very concept of picture. We used to have this thing called thinking, I wonder what happened to it.

          1. What hannahjs?! Yes, Windows is a ripoff and we are all idiots? Ok, that can be true, but what has that to do with the discovery of America? 🙂
            Maybe thats just relativ, but seen from the now know (western) history, which is that Leif Eiriksson (of Scandinavian origin, Iceland) discovered America some 500 years before Columbus. But when did the Indians “discover” it?

            1. “Native” Americans are descendants of Asians who crossed from Siberia to Alaska during the ice ages. Sarah Palin might subscribe to that idea.

            2. That’s better, then 未知的亞洲 found America. Then to the teleological dada part with a dash of absurdism, who discovered Europe and Africa? Never discovered, then lost? or rediscovered? Sarah Palin what? Wasn’t it Lucy?
              I think you will like this song from the Norwegian group Ylvis on the meaning and discovery of Stonhenge 🙂

            3. As governor of Alaska, and given her stance on illegal immigration, Sarah Palin might have prevented the invasion of North America, in the first place (supposing she governed during the ice ages, but that’s just a detail). The continent would have remained a pristine hunter’s paradise, what with mastodons and other really big game stomping round to this day

          2. It went out of style. Well, except among those of us who will become the new intelligentsia gestalt overlord elite, the high priests of knowledge, the few who know how everything works and keeps it running while the cute airhead tardlings go running off into the streets, taking and sharing pictures of themselves. Kind of sounds like the genesis of the Morlocks and Eloi. (If, dear reader, you don’t know what they are, you aren’t invited to our priesthood). 😉

        2. Apple copied the phablet form.

          Apple has been behind on many pieces of software: word processing, spreadsheets, video.

          Let us not forget that many pieces were inspired by Star Trek, 2001: Space Odyssey and more.

          1. Yes and we all know that Arthur C Clarke invented the Communications Satellite. There is always a grey area but there is a fundamental difference taking ideas and former developments i.e. TV, Computers, The car et al and making something new, immeasurably better, a change direction and/or fundamentally superior to what has gone before as the iPhone did and then there is copying that development as closely as you can so that the market thinks it is no different. The former advances the World the latter offers nothing but living off of those that do.

          2. Thank you for a thoughtful reply. Now, en garde!

            I’ve thrashed around with someone else about what the ‘phablet’ form is supposed to mean. It’s a size change. BFD. The only question about phablets is whether someone wants a bigass phone or not. (And no, I won’t be bothering any further with this vacant subject).

            As for software: Apple has depended upon third party developers since day one. I think VisiCalc was the first spreadsheet for Apple gear, well before Excel I will point out. As for word processing, WordPerfect was on Apple gear well before Word was around. Apple did code MacDraw and a few other useful applications on their own for the early Mac days. They put together their own ‘works’ application suite as well.

            In current times, I don’t think anyone considers iWork applications to be superior to their professional counterparts. They’re simply insanely-great enough for general Apple fanatic use.

            As for video: Apple has been incredibly interactive in the computer community in that field. QuickTime was an incredible cross platform breakthrough of which Microsoft was so envious that they deliberately STOLE Apple’s QuickTime code and refused to return it. This was the specific cause of the great Jobs/Gates compromise of 1998 whereby Microsoft bowed to Job’s wishes on several fronts, including lending Apple $150 million in the form of buying APPL shares for five years. (No, I won’t go further into that ancient and much mythologized subject either).

            As for Star Trek, 2001, etc: That is certainly the case. They set the standard for ‘the future’ we expected to see happen. The actual future formed around many such kernel concepts. Except: Where are the flying cars, dammit?! 😉

            1. As to that last — given the crazed condition of human drivers in 2D space, we should be grateful they are not reducing the population at a greater rate in 3D.

            2. Watching those movies with 3D highways, (The Fifth Element is my fave), I’m always disappointed to not see car crashes as people flip up and down from one vertical plane to another.

              Observing some of the political discussions (so-called) around here, we know some people have difficulty thinking beyond 1 dimension.

      2. The very idea that Samsung which ripped off the iPhone almost wholesale to goose it’s early Android sales is a laughable joke. Samsung only innovated in how they bloviated in court to defend their illegal copying. There simply was not copying back and forth, the only meaningful copying went from iPhone to the knock offs running Android. Their very existence owes itself to the iPhone. iPhone at most owes a feature or two to Android.

        Your point that Apple’s watch owes something to watches that came before it was acknowledged in the presentation for the watch.

        1. Accurate time pieces were critical to maritime navigation back in the days of ocean travel, sextants, and celestial navigation. An accurate time piece (to identify 12 noon) was critical to accurately determining one’s location at sea. It was a real achievement to develop an accurate time piece.

          So Apple is following a time-honored and important tradition in furthering the art and science of “the timepiece”.

    1. No Ka-Boom! at all. People that buy Samsung will never buy Apple because they are not that refined, nor that rich nor that smart people. Samsung will keep his costumers because all that they can aspire to is a crappy, cheap, copycat of the real thing that their pokers and intelligence can’t afford. Smart people, rich people, refined people are scarce, a minority and so is Apple customers.

      1. This morning I had breakfast with a long-time friend who has never owned an Apple product. I’m always teasing him about his Samsung phone, but he shrugs it off with “that’s all I need.”

        To my shock and surprise, today, unsolicited, he said “you know Apple really makes good stuff. They just make it easier. I’m going to get that watch.”

        When I explained he’d need to have an iPhone he said “well I guess I have to get that too.”

        You could have knocked me over with a feather. And it was seeing the watch that did it.

        1. It’s easy, friend. There will always be more Chevys on the streets than BMWs. That doesn’t mean Chevy is the Best car in the world. That doesn’t mean BMW is the Worst one. On the contrary. But there are few people with money and there are fewer people with money and taste and still fewer with money, taste and brains. A fact of life forever.

    1. Who caused the greatest Depression in world history? Who stole $15 Trillion from Americans and gave it to Saudis Arabia to finance 9/11? Your boy Georgie, baby, not the man you hate because he solved all those problems.

        1. I am aghast whenever anyone complains about one of those presidents but not the other regarding the economy/deficit or the constitutional degradation of freedom vs government. It has been a merciless one-two punch.

          And I voted for each of their first terms, when they each expressed very different positions from the ones they ended up adopting. Democracy with only two parties isn’t much of democracy. Too bad the Constitution doesn’t limit party seats and terms, it would sure be nice to have more diversity of though and power. 🙁

          1. If only our country had listened to Washington regarding political parties. Not that we were party-free even in his time. It’s been nothing but trouble since the Democratic-Republicans and the Federalists. Partisan politics is what’s destroying this country more than anything else.

            Now, can we get back to talking about phones and watches and whatnot? You know, important stuff!

          2. If you tell me you willingly voted to RE-elect Bush or Obama, I might smile and act polite to your face, but inside I’m wondering how anyone so stupid can possibly still be in the gene pool. You’re not supposed to let them fool you the second time, mooks!

            1. The big problem with that is, you only get one practical alternative to vote for. What are people supposed to do when they only get two bad choices – which I think is the majority of the time.

            2. Vote against both of them. In a practical democracy, increased dissatisfaction with major parties should be expressed by voters through increased support of third parties.

            3. Yeah, I’m calling bullshit. There were at least 6 different candidates named on my ballot, and I’m willing to bet there was on yours too. You’re even allowed to write in any name if you don’t like the names listed. The vast majority of your available options were “neither Obama or Romney”.

              If you really didn’t like Romney or Obama, voting for anyone else would have been a better/more useful/more honest use of your electoral right and responsibility.

              There was zero reason to vote for either of them if you didn’t want to – and I am tired of all the excuses and lies covering up this fact.

      1. Wow, 3/5 stars for a frothing at the mouth conspiracy theory against President George Bush, shows that a very large number of MDN readers are beyond any hope of redemption.

    2. Gawd, what a broken record of rhetoric. Like the gang of psychopathic rats First-Then wants back in power have a single clue in their money grubbing, red power tie wearing, little gray domes.

      Evil or stupid. Which do you choose? Retardlican or Democrap?

      To hell with both. Now back to Apple gear goodness! YEAH! 😀

  1. Samesumg will probably make a supersized galactic stupid phone or start a new campaign to sell 3.5″ phones. The new ads will try and convince America that Apple iPhones are just too big and unwieldy with one hand use. 😏

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