Jony Ive: There are ‘millions and millions’ of Apple Watch combinations

“The Apple Watch went through ‘millions’ of different version [sic] before it was unveiled [yesterday] in Cupertino, California, Apple Senior Vice President of Design Jony Ive told ABC News’ David Muir in an exclusive interview,” Lauren Effron reports for ABC News.

MacDailyNews Take: Wrong. Ive did not say that.

“‘When you actually do the calculations, it’s millions and millions,’ Ive said. ‘We’ve always tried to make products that people don’t begrudgingly use but want to use, and I think that the bar for that is very high when it’s something that you wear and it’s something that you’re going to wear all day, every day.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Ive was talking about the “millions and millions” of different combinations – case materials, watchbands, watch faces, user interface, etc. – that customers can utilize to create unique Apple Watches.

“‘The way that we treated this from a design point of view was that you had hardware and then software,’ Ive said. ‘Our experience as customers, as users, is they’re the same. They’re one and the same. So in terms of this, we designed the user interface, gave people multiple choices,'” Effron reports. “‘We worked extremely hard to make it an object that would, one, be desirable but to be personal because we don’t want to wear the same watch,’ Ive said. ‘One of the reasons it takes us a long time [is] because, I think, people are very discerned. A lot of people don’t wear a watch, at the moment.'”

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Full article here.

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    1. In six months time with the deployment of new Watch apps, the number of possible combinations may well reach Carl and Richard’s levels. That’s “possible” combinations, not “tasteful”. BTW, mirroring the iPhone viewfinder on the watch face is going to be a lot of fun on YouTube.

      1. Even more combinations if it is worn as a brooch or pendant. I’d need to look at the SDK to see if certain apps could work at other locations instead of identifying with one’s wrist. I tend to wear bracelets high on my forearm

    1. Were you not watching the presentation. He did have one on his wrist but I’m sure the connection that it needed so it could be shown on the theater screen would have made it impossible to wear and present at the same time.

    2. Watch the keynote.

      If you were paying attention you would have heard that he said that they’ve connected a apple watch to some special equipment so that the audience could see its screen.

      They did this for convenience and professionalism, otherwise there would have been tech guys running around trying to connect the watch on his wrist to the equipment. This would have bored the audience and ruined the flow of the keynote.

      Apple have always demoed devices and macs like this.

  1. is there a complete version of this clip? This cuts Ive midway.

    Tim Cook looks so relaxed in the presence of Ive. Good sign.
    Sometimes seniors execs at other companies look uncomfortable with each other.

    1. It’s fascinating to watch Tim Cook. He’s so involved but so relaxed. He doesn’t have to feed his ego (unlike Jobs, although he mellowed with time and experience). Tim acts as a positive catalyst and organizer. He’s so different from Jobs. I wonder if Jobs saw in him an ideal personality that he wished he could attain himself. I liked how Bono called Tim the ‘Zen Master’. That’s not far off the mark.

      Anyway, Tim Cook is a wonderful leader. I like what’s going on. He’s no Steve Jobs. He’s Tim Cook! 😉

        1. As I always said to have tried to be another Jobs would have endured foster and SJ himself new that, he may have had an ego but he also had in later years become extremely perceptive. He chose very well it’s just taken time as per usual for the so call experts to catch up with him. Even in death SJ has shown he’s more in touch with reality than they are.

        2. The so called experts always are swept up in the moment, their thoughts a flurry. True analysts are like Steve Jobs — not bereft of emotion but coolly focussed on essence of experience, and studying long and hard on it. Apple have enshrined this formula into their culture; as a result they can hardly miss. The rest of the industry, and the stock market, does not trust this model; never has.

  2. This is a problem! People were overwhelmed with the multi-colored iMacs when they came out. That was only what—5 color choices? Now millions of variation of a singular product? What were they thinking? So much for simplicity. That said, I will be getting one of those bad boys on day one! Wish they had it ready for Xmas. Oh well.

  3. Calculations, just for fun:

    This article nicely covers most of the choices available:

    – 6 watch finishes: 3 different watch collections, each with 2 different finishes.
    – 18 different bands: 6 styles, various colors adding up to 18 total.
    – 2 sizes.
    – 11 watch faces.

    Punch in the numbers and you get: 2376 combinations. (So far). Of course, don’t actually use them all lest you commit a fashion faux pas! The very lovely rose gold watch, for example, looks awful with several of the watch bands. The matching rose gold ‘modern buckle’ is ideal. Stay chic dahling.

      1. Sure! Why not! I suspect further watch bands will appear from third parties. I’m waiting for a full forearm laser canon with a slot for inserting the Apple Watch, providing its own watch face that integrates target acquisition and firing. That would could as another customization!

        Hello Kitty band. Hello Cthulhu band. The various interrelational communication band colors… 😉

        1. You’re cute. 🙂 No-one I know has even heard of Lovecraft or Derleth, yet you manage to integrate their profound contributions to modern angst into even casual discussions. Also, make it an EMP cannon, so we can take out the boom boxes

        2. Combo cannon! Great idea.

          Every since I was a little kid, I’ve been nonchalant about the death thing. I think the first play I ever put on for my parents, using my brothers as actors, was entitled “When You Get Killed, You Die”. It featured all of my brothers dropping dead on the floor, one by one, followed all of us singing the “When you get killed, you die” song. I think its due to my constant sense that I’ve been on this planet a few times before…

          As for the my current Lovecraft bent, all of his books at long last became publicly public on the Internet, thanks to Derleth no longer being around to pretend he had any rights to them. This apparently triggered a youth subculture whereby Lovecraftian characters and catchphrases became part of the lingo. I’ve run into a bunch of kids, especially girls, with Cthulhu references on computer stickers, shirts, hats…..

          There’s also a very talented actor in the Toronto, named Leeman Kessler who runs a YouTube channel called ‘Ask Lovecraft’. He managed to reanimate the corpse of Lovecraft such that Lovecraft is now able to offer advice to the lovelorn and inquisitive. It’s an excellent service. Now if only he’d return my reanimated Carl Sagan to me. Here I have this jug full of LSD and no one to feed it to!

  4. In terms of hardware:
    2 sizes x 6 different styles/materials x 18 different bands (i think- might be higher) = 216 combinations.

    Obviously third parties will quickly come up with different bands.

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