AAPL: Is the run over?

“When Apple (AAPL) shares recently saw their single worst day since January, dropping over 4% in a single day and wiping out over $26 billion in market value, the reactions were mixed and often severe,” Douglas Ehrman writes for Seeking Alpha. “Few stocks have been as impacted by rapid shifts in sentiment as those of the iPhone maker, but many of these suggestions seem too reactionary.”

The unveiling of the iPhone 6 on September 9, plus the potential for an iWatch announcement, should outweigh short-term negatives,” Ehrman writes. “The dip in Apple shares should be seen as a buying opportunity as I believe shares will run higher thru the announcement.”

Ehrman writes, “Ultimately, Apple shares have upside to $110 or beyond, in my opinion, and I would take the dip as a chance to acquire additional shares.”

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  1. Aha! Bing’s Law strikes again! To wit: any headline about Apple that is written as a question (“Is The Apple Run Over?” Is Apple Doomed?” “Should Tim Cook Resign?” etc. etc.) must be answered in the negative. No. Nada. Not a chance, etc, etc.

  2. Do these ‘journalists’ have no memory? Just look at a chart of Apple and you’ll see that its share price runs up on the pre-release hype before a product launch.

    1. Memory? Yes? The question is memory for what?

      They remember that the last time they wrote a negative story on a high achieving company, they got a lot of “hits” and attention and quotes on other sites.

      And … there editor loves it.

    2. Journalists are often ill-informed and don’t do the necessary research. Their shortcomings have become far more evident since the larger agencies cut costs by reducing or even eliminating editorial staff. In addition, large numbers of amateurs have entered the field of “journalism” with no more credentials than a computer and an internet connection.

      1. And yet, KingMel, the mainstream media use these neophytes as sources for their stories, promulgating rectal supposition as though it were fact. The state to which journalism has fallen is despicable.

    1. On day they say one thing, the next day the opposite. Seeking Alpha is as trustworthy as CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, and the rest of the Lib water-carrying purveyors of proven, repeated statist failure.

      Smaller government is the answer.

    2. Can any of the media “corporations” be trusted? The sole purpose is to sale advertisement for other corporations with information tailored to a particular demographic. Find the news outlet that you like best and then look up the profile of the demographic, you then will see what you are willing to believe.

      1. None of the media can be trusted. They can only point us in the general direction of the latest melee. Fortunately, we have our personal intelligence to fall back upon. Were it not for that, it would be a replay of the Middle Ages.

  3. I’m not budging. AAPL always goes through some swings before and immediately after new iPhone announcements.

    I’m sure that within a couple of weeks these great predictors will judge the new iPhone(s) to be a failure. Then, a few months will go by and those same geniuses will be showering praise for another sales record.

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