Apple’s iPhone 6 should scare Samsung to death

“The last few years will likely go down as a golden age for Samsung Electronics,” Peter Burrows writes for Bloomberg News. “While Apple defined the modern smart phone with its iPhone in 2007, Samsung has been growing far more rapidly.”

MacDailyNews Take: In units sold. Big deal. How many of those Samsung units were free phones as part of endless BOGOF promos upon which the pretend iPhone peddlers rely so heavily? Apple dominates in smartphone margin and profits.

“On Sept. 9, Apple is set to unveil not only a new phone, which some pundits are calling the iPhone 6, but also details of a long-awaited smartwatch that will work in concert with the new phone,” Burrows writes. “We don’t know everything about the new iPhone, but we know this: It won’t be a good day for Samsung.”

“‘Samsung has had a few years with no real competition on larger form-factor phones, and that’s where they’ve been able to run the table on Apple,’ says Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray. ‘Now that competitive advantage is going to simply disappear,'” Burrows writes. “After years of experiments, Apple will announce a payments platform so that iPhone owners will be able to buy goods at brick-and-mortar stores with a quick flick of their iPhones.”

“Apple has 800 million credit and debit cards on file with customers who have purchased items through iTunes. Apple may have to do some convincing after security concerns over hacked celebrity accounts,” Burrows writes. “If Apple executes well, it will be far more difficult for Samsung to wrest iPhone customers away. An iWallet ‘would be the ultimate in stickiness,’ says Crone. ‘It would create a tremendous barrier to exit for Apple customers and more importantly, a tremendous barrier to entry for competitors.'”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The more pain inflicted upon the Samsung copycats, the better.


  1. Hold on folks: yes, the iPhone 6 will be wildly successful, BUT, it will be MUCH more expensive than the equivalent Samsung (expect to hear MASSIVE complaints about the price once it’s announced). As it is, you can get a 4.5″ or 4.7″ Android phone for the same price or cheaper than Apple’s 4″ phone. Expect the iPhone 6 to be at least $100 more expensive than the 5. The larger iPhone 6 will probably approach $1000 unsubsidized. That’s a lot of money for a phone… (BTW, I have an iPhone 5 and love it and plan to get the 4.7″ iPhone 6, but it will be painfully expensive because I will not buy it on a plan)…

    1. The $1000 unsubsidized price tag you mention will be for the top-of-the-line model. So, there will be other models that will fit within your budget. I believe the $100 price bump was rumored for the 5.5″ and the equivalent Samdung’s are selling near the same price. A few months ago, when nobody purchased the new S5 Damsung started discounting and was offering 2 for 1 deals.

    2. That’s how apple keeps recording breaking profits going… Mfg over seas where the labor laws, environmental laws and goods all have little value so they can retail it for 1000% markup to make truck loads of money.

  2. Apple’s rivals greatest fear is Apple’s eco system which none of them can match.

    Yosemite and OS8 and their cloud abilities are key and few of the general press really get it. The other parts are app store, iTunes, retail stores etc.

    None of their rivals control so much : hardware (down to processor design) , software , cloud server farms etc.

    Devices like the new wearable, iPhones, macs etc will just be pieces that plug into the Eco System.

    Look at how much trouble samsung is getting Tizen and it’s pitiful eco system up and running. Samsung can copy a phone but it’s harder to copy a complete eco system.

    I think rivals can see the Big Ball of Apple’s Eco System on the edge ready to roll down on them.

    I don’t think its above rivals like Samsung to have orchestrated the various mishaps Apple has been having, breach of security FUD etc to try to stem Apple. Samsung has been found and even convicted of similar shenanigans like creating fake reviews of HTC products for which it had to publicly apologize and was fined by the Taiwanese government.

    1. The general press don’t get Apple because they’re morons. They’re also whores who create scandals so that viewers will flock to their “news” programs and watch the ads that accompany the programs. They’re like drive-by shooters who roll in, shower the neighborhood with bullets, and then move on. It’s pathetic.

    1. So let me get this straight. If rumors are true, Apple is about to release a Phablet, a category of smartphone pioneered by Samsung. But yet, the iPhone 6 is a chance for Samsung to copy Apple. You are a master of logic my friend. Keep shining that bright light.

      1. “A category of smartphone pioneered by Samsung”

        HARDLY. We’re talking about an iPad Mini with phone hardware stuck inside. Oh, that’s soooo pioneering. (o_0)

        Changing the SIZE of a pair of fuzzy dice does not qualify as a new ‘category’. It’s all merely about SIZE. BFD.

        1. You do realize that the original Galaxy Note was released in October of 2011 and the iPad Mini was released almost an entire year later in November of 2012 right? The phablet category was established with the original Galaxy Note a year before the iPad Mini was released.

          Next time, check your facts.

          1. Point taken. But next time, actually address what the point of what I wrote:

            I remain correct in my assertion: Stuff phone hardware into an iPad. Then shrink its size.

            Again: Where is there ANY innovation in this scenario? Size. Wow. It’s a different size! That’s soooo innovative. That’s soooo ShamScum.


            1. I think it’s in the overall specs. The Galaxy Note 3 has a 1920 x 1080 screen versus the iPhone 5’s 1136 x 640. The Galaxy Note 4 will have a 2560 x 1440 versus the iPhone 6’s 1704 x 960.

              Not to mention, the Note phablets and the newer Galaxy phones all have quad core CPU’s versus the dual cores that Apple has stuck with. Plus there’s expandable memory which is something I think even Apple fans would enjoy. My Note 2 only has 16 GB internal storage but that doesn’t matter because I have a 64 GB MicroSD card in it. I can go pick up a 128 GB card any time I want.

              Plus my phone has a neat stylus. It’s a capacitive touch screen I can just just fine with my fingers but I can use the stylus for jotting down quick notes with my own hand writing

              That’s just a few things off the top of my head.

    1. Maybe the Fukushima radiation from Japan has meandered its way into South Korean waters and tuned their brains into mush. The S5 and the Note 4 are about as elegant as a cross-eyed baby flinging pea soup.

      1. Ars Technica posted a ‘Hands On’ article about the new Samsung crud unboxed this morning:

        …The back is still plastic with a leather pattern imprinted into it. The fake stitching from the Note 3 is gone, but otherwise it’s the exact same treatment. Not all plastics are created equal, and this one isn’t the greatest….

        The layout is now Recent/Home/Back, which is still reversed from Google’s recommended layout….

        Overall, most people would never know the difference between the Note 3 and Note 4. It feels like a minor upgrade, and unless the differences are specifically pointed out to you and you have a Note 3 to compare side by side, there’s little new to see here.

        They also looked over the Note Edge:
        There’s a lot I didn’t like about the design of the Note Edge. The lopsided design is ugly, the distorted primary apps are distracting, and the side panels apps aren’t that useful.

        And the Gear S prototype ‘smart’ watch:
        The Gear S is massive—it’s more of a smart bracelet than a smart watch—with a 2-inch display that dwarfs any wrist that attempts the burden of wearing it….

        The Gear S is so huge that wearing it in public seems like a ridiculous idea…

        The worst part of the Gear S is the speed. The device chugs constantly and runs more like a laggy car infotainment system than a device running a modern OS. The Gear S isn’t out yet, but Samsung has some serious work to do on the optimization front.

        1. “Despite the bend going down the side of the phone, the strip apps can’t actually be on-screen without covering up some of the current app. The normal app “window” extends onto the curved part of the screen, which distorts the right side of the app.”

          So I guess they ran out of time designing the software too?

          Also, that watch is huge. LOL wow.

          The video is like a comedy skit. He puts the VR headsets on, moves his head around and starts criticizing it. Next shot we see a very interested Korean? reporter with a mic in his face recording his disgust. Too funny.

  3. Will the iPhone 6 scare Samsung to death … no it will not. The larger iPhone has taken far too long to come to the market place. All the drivel about Apple taking its time to bring the perfect product to the market has already been blown away as rivals bring out better and better phones every year.

    The iPhone six will be too small, have a lower resolution and I guess quality screen, worse battery life, cannot multi-task properly and both hardware and software will not be designed to go with the bigger form factor. It will be expensive, still fragile compared to most other phones, unless they increase the RAM app crashes will get even worse and of course will not have interchangeable batteries or expandable storage.

    The iPhone 6 should be the best, most innovative Smartphone by far, Apple have had long enough and have the budget to make it so. Instead it will be not much more than a stretched iPhone 5, will not be close to it rivals or be perfectly designed for the larger form factor. Disappointing to say the least.

    1. We will see soon enough as the reveal is in a few days. But a few points:

      1. Design – The current iPhone design is way more polished than anything Samsung revealed today. The Edge is a complete joke and plastic is less desirable on a flagship.

      2. Software – I saw a demo on the Edge model and the response times are extremely slow. I don’t know if this the same across all Android phones or a Samsung issue, but it is unacceptable in 2014. My two year old iPhone 5 is much speedier than that the Note 4. I would gladly trade having Safari crash every now and then because there are too many tabs open than have a slow phone.

      3. If you need storage get the 64GB or 128GB iPhone. I believe the Notes come with 32GB, so users that want more storage will have to purchase an extra card and install it. I had a card on my old Android and all the data was erased for no apparent reason. My suspicion was it was because of malware. Probably the same thing that happened to Lebron James. Remember? He lost all his data and didn’t have a backup?

      4. Extra batteries are a pain in the ass. Typically the user has to remove the back covering to access the battery. Doing this many times over and over causes the plastic back covering to fail. Then the back cover becomes loose and the user will have to secure back cover to the phone with duct tape.

      1. 1. At least Samsung is trying to innovate. I think a screen on the side would be nice. Information at a glance without having to unlock the phone.

        2. I’ll actually agree with you on this one. Most OEM ROM’s are absolute trash. Which is why I always flash a custom ROM to any phone I get. Phones usually run faster without all the bloatware and other useless nonsense.

        3. I’ll be waiting for the 264 GB MicroSD. I can fill up 128 GB in a day easy.

        4. Most of my friends and coworkers are Android users…I’ve never seen them use extra batteries.

          1. Because eventually all batteries go bad. All batteries. Even iPhone batteries. No battery lasts forever. All batteries will eventually go bad as in they will no longer hold a charge as long. Some get so worn out that they no longer hold a charge at all.

            I’ve never had a battery go bad on me in the 5 or so total years I’ve owned Android devices. But if one ever did go bad, I would have the option of replacing it without having to tear my phone apart and void the warranty.

      2. Design – You overate the iPhone design there are many flaws. It is unbalanced, too long and thin. The metal while giving an impression of quality, is easily scratched, the screen broken and does not make for good antennas which is why iPhones do not pick up call and wifi signals as good as other phones. You need an easily lost or forgotten tool to change a sim card, this scratches the body and it is awkward to use. The design means no battery swopping on a phone with a well below par battery life and no SD card slot. All this adds up to a phone that is difficult and expensive repair. Great design, I think not.

        Plastic is fine it has many advantages over metal and does not always detract from the look of a phone. Hell most iPhone users cover their metal phone with a plastic case, what more proof could there be! Hard to Judge the Edge yet, but at least it is something different, whatever you think of Sunsung they are far more innovative than Apple at the moment.

        Software – You lose all credabilty when you say your two year old iPhone is faster than a Note 4 you could not have tested it. In real life the Iphone 5 feels no faster than other phones despite being much less productive and much more prone to annoying apps crashes.

        Memory – IPhone users have to effectively purchase the larger storage in the price of the phone. This cost is horrendous for Ram that costs much less to buy. Compare the price of a 64gb iPhone to a Note 3 with a 64gb SD card which works just as well in my experience.

        Battery – Extra batteries are great, removing the back cover is so easy and does not damage it as you say. Even then its a few $ to get a new one, you have no choice on the iPhone! Duct tape don’t be stupid. Its far easier than being tied to a plug point or having to carry a booster charger around and cost less too. Remember too … non Apple flagship phones have two to three times the battery life of an iPhone and charge faster, yet more fundamental design failure on Apples part.

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