Apple’s fab fall: Tim Cook faces make-or-break week

“Three years after Steve Jobs’s death, his handpicked successor, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook, is leading a major product offensive that could set the tech giant’s course in the post-Jobs era,” Benjamin Pimentel reports for MarketWatch. “‘The iPhone 6 rollout is a big deal for Tim Cook,’ analyst Roger Kay of Endpoint Technologies Associates told MarketWatch.

“Cook is [also] expected to lead an even bigger initiative by introducing Apple’s first wearable computer, a smartwatch dubbed the iWatch,” Pimentel reports. “For Cook, who served as Jobs’s chief lieutenant before taking over as CEO in August 2011, next week’s product announcements, described by one analyst as Apple’s ‘fab fall,’ could also mark his transformation from an operationally gifted executive to a visionary capable of leading Apple into a new era of innovation.”

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  1. Clueless Enderle doesn’t realize that these products were probably discussed and vetted by Steve years before his death. It may be many years yet before Apple truly begins to introduce ‘post-Steve era’ products.

    1. Plenty of others even on here were equally clueless, too quick to blame Cook for the so called lack of new products over a period when as I said previously nothing produced before last winter would have been of his origination. So now we get to see what he can do on products that will have a very strong influence under his reign even if their origin may still not have been.

    1. Critical difference being the “products in the pipeline” was officially announced by Tim last year to be introduced throughout 2014.

      So the article and all those in the same vein are indeed, warranted.

      Put up or shut up and walk the walk time …

  2. It’s like the same two articles are being written over and over again… if it’s not about iCloud’s security “hack” it is about how Apple is going to fall off a cliff if they don’t release products that will meet their already blown-way-out-of-proportion speculative expectations.

    Good grief! I think I’m just going to ignore these Apple sites until next Tuesday.

  3. The CEO of the worlds most valued company, at all time stock high, about to release most anticipated product of the year is about to have a make or break moment? Honey, he has already made it, has full backing of the board, has Apple employees across the company excited about the future and never was trying to compete with Job’s ghost.

    1. I’m nervous and excited at the same time. Some of those early leaks really had me worried, but Apple has some incredibly talented people that have built some of the most beautiful products in the history of man. They have completely changed the way we interact with each other in countless and uplifting ways by innovating, taking chances and perfectly timming trends. I have faith that September 9, 2014 is going to be one for the history books and the fruition will result in Apple improving our lives even greater than before.

  4. It’s pretty hilarious how they keep trying to set the stage for a huge collapse, as if one less-than-completely-spectacular product launch is going to cause Apple to implode from the world’s most valuable company into that little white dot you see when you turn off your tube TV.

    Even if Apple is in some kind of decline—which it obviously isn’t—it will be a long and slow one. I mean, look at Microsoft, FFS. They’ve been circling the drain for more than a decade and they won’t be disappearing soon.

  5. That’s right, analysts, if the iPhone 6 and iWatch (which Apple hasn’t even acknowledged yet) are HUGE hits, then Tim Cook can stay for another year. If not, well, he had better pack up his office by the end of September and Apple should hire some executive from Walmart who truly understands technology retail.


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