Apple’s ‘iWatch’ could dent holiday fitness band sales

“Apple is gearing up to battle Nike, Fitbit and Jawbone in the health wearables space with its most innovative product since the iPad,” Jennifer Booton reports for MarketWatch. “If the iWatch is at the minimum announced on Sept. 9 or in October, an early 2015 ramp-up of deliveries would encroach on sales of popular exercise bracelets during the key holiday shopping season, as Apple devotees flock to Tim Cook’s first new product category as CEO.”

“Fitbit, Jawbone and Nike FuelBands accounted for the vast majority of wearable sales last year with a 97% share, though just 3.3 million fitness bands and activity trackers were sold in the U.S. between April 2013 and March 2014, according to the NPD Group,” Booton reports. “A device hasn’t emerged with enough authority to encourage mass-market adoption, analysts say. Data from Rock Health even shows a sharp decline in use after just six months.”

“However, downward trends are expected to reverse with the debut of the iWatch, as Apple brings marketability to a product that has struggled to take off in America. In the long term, it could revitalize demand for other types of fitness bands, particularly lower-cost ones,” Booton reports. “IDC in April projected that the wearable-computer market would skyrocket to 19.2 million units sold in 2014. Morgan Stanley in July told clients Apple could sell as many as 60 million iWatch units in its first year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple won’t be battling Nike.

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  1. Wishful thinking. A “smart watch” in the $400.00 range that duplicates some of the features of a smart phone is not going to persuade the masses to purchase it or threaten much less expensive similar devices.

    The economy is still relatively weak and the smartphone market is saturated. There exists less expensive smart watches out there and that whole market is small.

  2. “Apple brings marketability to a product”

    If marketability were all it took, Samsung would be king.
    What Apple brings is a well earned trust that they will make a device that is well thought out and works from top to bottom, not a “what were they thinking” device.

  3. What a load if crap.

    An unannounced product can’t dent fitness band sales.

    It’s like saying world war 3 could make the human race extinct.

    This idiots don’t realise how stupid they are making themselves by talking about something that doesn’t exist or apple isn’t working on.

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