What does Apple’s September 9th invite mean? A sundial, a sine wave or simply a tease?

“When Tim Cook takes to the stage at Cupertino’s Flint Center on 9 September to announce the new iPhone, it will be 30 years since Steve Jobs announced the first Mac at the same venue,” Matt Warman reports for The Telegraph. “Apple is returning to where, folklore claims, their founder started a revolution. It’s a conscious raising of the bar of expectation.”

“As soon as the invite hit inboxes, speculation began to abound on what it meant – zooming in on the Apple logo, some see a sine wave indicating a focus on health,” Warman reports. “Others perceive the tip of a finger pressing a button, emphasising identity, or a sundial indicating a watch. Then there’s the fact that the date, 9/9, is two sixes upside down, indicating two models of the iPhone 6.”

Warman reports, “But the tagline probably says everything Apple is willing to: ‘Wish we could say more.’ There is no teasing this time round, despite a long history of cunning and cryptic invites to previous Apple launches.”

Apple's September 9, 2014 special media event invitation
Apple’s September 9, 2014 special media event invitation

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  1. It means:

    1: iHaters will be in a fever pitch, mouth foaming, blood boiling hate fueled orgasmic throws of online trolling activity.

    2: The usual suspect ANALyst that get everything wrong about Apple will capitalize on this event as a quick way to make some big bucks. The STUPIDER the articles, the MO MONEY they get.

    3: For Mac users, iOS user, normal human beings that enjoy work, life, family, friends and leisure…it will be an awesome big BOOM BOOM BOOM day! 😉

    1. Yes the iHaters will out in force.

      They will point out how every new feature in the iPhone 6 was in some android or Windows Phone first, even though that feature was clunky and barely worked.

      And even though Apple’s implementation will be clearly different, will actually work, and be much more elegant, in their minds they will believe that Apple copied everything.

      The iHaters will also point out feature A from manufacturer A, feature B from manufacturer B and so on, features C, D, E from Android, features F, G, H from Windows phone OS. They will even point to features in other desktop OSs that Apple has has copied.

      In their minds a mashup of a half dozen phones and various OSs somehow beat the new iPhone. It happens every time a new model is released, it really is laughable.

  2. It seems some people have gone off the deep end looking for meanings in things that are exactly as they appear to be with no hidden meanings at all. It just looks like part of an Apple logo to me and the date already speaks for itself. I can wait until the 9th to see what Apple has to offer, so there’s no need for me to guess.

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