Four ‘iWatch’ alternatives Apple could unveil on September 9th

“If the rumors are true, Apple may unveil a wearable device along with its new iPhone at an event on Sept. 9,” Nick Statt and Donna Tam write for CNET. “But will that wearable be the long-rumored “iWatch,” a wrist-based smartwatch built off Apple’s iOS mobile operating system that aims to take on challengers from Google, LG, Motorola and Samsung? If it isn’t the iWatch, just what will Apple CEO Tim Cook and his team introduce in the wearables market?”

Statt and Tam write, “If Cook doesn’t unveil a smartwatch in September, company watchers say there are at least four other ways Apple can get into the wearables game.”

Four ‘iWatch’ alternatives Apple could unveil on September 9th:
1. A plain ol’ fitness tracker
2. iPod Nano refresh
3. Siri-connected headset or ear buds
4. Smart jewelry

Much more in the full article here.


  1. I am not really sure whether I’ll need an iWatch (or anything health related because I am in good health without monitoring it but rather enjoying life instead). But certainly the rumors about iWatch all sound much more inspiring than the 4 alternatives mentioned in this article.

    If Apple would unveil anything of this I’ll probably loose a lot of money as the shares will plummet.

    1. I doubt the shares will plummet in the long term if iPhone sales are good. It’s hard to say if the share price will plummet on event results, but you’re probably right knowing how Apple is typically traded. I think a sell-off is probably already decided no matter what Apple introduces because almost nothing can live up to these incredibly foolish expectations. How the hell can people realistically expect a 22nd century device in 2014? I’ve lived through quite a number of decades and current tech is absolutely amazing.

      I was a child when the first working transistor was built and to see chips with billions of transistors is nothing to yawn at and yet you’ve got these nobodies who can’t do a damn thing with their lives jumping stink all over Apple because of some unrealistic expectations. Absolutely nuts.

  2. Re/code Daily is saying the device may not ship until next year. IIR, the iPad was introduced but didn’t ship for a while in an effort to get more programmers and, thus, apps, available before the product actually shipped. If true, this might adversely affect the stock price after the announcement. But tell me something new 🙂

  3. It will not be an iWatch unless it is tied to the Apple TV (watch a “screen.”)
    I believe Apple will continue the iP naming series by calling it the iPulse and marketing it as the center (pulse) of your “connectedness”. The pulse name will fit in with all the obvious health applications but also can be thought of being core to “the pulse (beat or Beats) of your daily life.” Many very moving commercials showing that theme will immediately follow its announcement.

    1. I understand you think the new wearable will be called the iPulse, and that it will be great, but do you have to keep cutting-and-pasting your previous post over and over? It’s possible to repeat your thought using slightly different words.

      Your verbatim copying and pasting makes me wonder if you’re a person at all, or just a bot that returns whenever another iWatch article posts.

  4. How about a band with all kinds of sensors in it that connects to the iPhone? Then think about watch bands designed in partnership between Apple and other watch makers. Hmmmmm

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