Apple TV out of stock in Apple Retail Stores across the U.S

“The Apple TV is showing up as ‘Unavailable for pickup’ at Apple Stores across the U.S., with multiple NY Apple Stores we called saying that in-store stocks had been exhausted by demand created by the promotion offering $25 iTunes credit with every purchase, along with that generated by the upcoming London iTunes festival as well as the recent Lollapalooza lifestream,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac. “Apple has been promoting the music festival as a good reason to buy the box now.”

“Need an Apple TV now?” Lovejoy reports. “It is still available at Best Buy, Amazon and a lot of other online retailers.”

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  1. The power of NFL Now cannot be underestimated too…

    NFL games anywhere on an iPad is the only miss for Apple in the juggernaut. DirecTV made a business with the NFL as the tip of the spear…

    1. What I really want is to pay $30-$50 for all the games of a single team for a season and have it available on Apple TV (website that I can AirPlay is fine). I would buy that every year in a heartbeat. I don’t want DirecTV and don’t want to pay $300+ for all teams.

      Can someone make that happen?

      1. That was for NFL games if it wasn’t apparent. Also, bonus points if I can time-shift (record) the game in case I can’t be at the TV when the game starts.

        I’m waiting to say “Shut up and take my money!”

  2. Until they start embracing the UK media providers even a new model of Apple TV is still just an expensive novelty here. At the moment we have a Roku plugged into the back of the TV. It’s great for UK content, but of course there’s no way to Airplay to it from the iPad etc.

      1. … which is about $15 more than internet-enabled blu-ray players that offer similar download services plus vastly superior blu-ray playback capability from your friendly Redbox, which is cheaper than an iTunes movie rental. You pay Apple a premium for your laziness.

      2. When I can snap up a Roku for £49 (rather than £79 for an Apple TV) which comes with all the non-subscription UK VOD services plus Netflix and paid movie rentals from multiple UK suppliers there’s no point paying the extra £30 for an Apple TV. That’s my point. Apple TVs are great in the USA, but over here there are better options available, for less money. So why would anyone in the UK get an Apple TV, unless they like having to Airplay everything off their iPad all the time?

        Which brings up another point. All of the UK VOD services etc. ARE available on the iPad.

  3. It’s because of the Apple TV iTunes gift card promotion. Go to a store, and you’ll see dozens and dozens of them.

    Source: Myself running into this issue while trying to buy groomsmen gifts.

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