Why Apple looks to continue to shine

“Perhaps iPhone fans with tiny hands or tight jeans aren’t happy that Apple is boosting screen sizes with the iPhone 6, which is expected to be introduced on Sept. 9,” Jack Hough writes for Barrons. “But other users seem delighted.”

“In a recent survey by Robert W. Baird & Co., an investment bank, 6.8% of respondents said they plan to purchase Apple’s next phone, compared with 5.3% who said so before the hugely successful launch of last year’s iPhone 5S,” Hough writes. “The survey reached over 1,000 U.S. adult respondents, 34% of whom use iPhones. Among Android users, just 1% said they were interested in an iPhone—but 11% said they would be more or much more interested in one with a larger screen.”

Hough writes, “For iPhone users, even among those who upgraded last year, 41% said they will or might buy the 6.”

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    1. iPhone 5S will be around for at least two more years, if Apple follows past practice. Even in its second year, it’s far better than any other phone that does not have an Apple logo.

      I don’t think there will be a “latest and greatest” iPhone with a 4-inch screen, alongside the new iPhone(s) this year. However, my prediction is that iPhone 5S sales will be stronger than expected (in the next iPhone lineup), and Apple will design and introduce a “small” iPhone with the latest tech to replace the iPhone 5S (after it has completed its three-year run). The “iPhone Air”…

      It doesn’t take “tiny hands or tight jeans” to appreciate a MOBILE phone that is actually more “mobile.” 🙂 But, these larger iPhones will sell in HUGE numbers. As a shareholder, I have no problem with that…

    1. Sorry, but why should you give a shit what other people think of your phone?
      Unless you’re one of those truly sad individuals who still feel the need to display your phone to all and sundry to try to boost your clearly flagging self-esteem, by more or less saying “hey, look everyone, I’ve got an iPhone! Isn’t it cool! Look how much of a man it makes me!”
      Myself, I’d much rather nobody knows what phone I’m using, there’s less likelihood of some thieving little shit shoving a blade in my face and making off with it.

      1. It could matter in all types of situations like in a job interview, in a company meeting, or when trying to make a deal, etc. Not having an iPhone in these scenarious is like having the words, “I am cheap and steal office supplies” scribbled in lipstick on your forehead.

        1. The Galaxy Note 3 currently retails at almost $800. While the iPhone 5s retails for less than $600.

          Both of these prices are off contract of course. But I still think you should consider your words more carefully. Especially when the iPhone seems to be cheaper in this case.

  1. Why would Apple stop manufacturing the 5S or 5C for that matter? Won’t those older smartphones be used as a lower cost entry for emerging nations or people who simply need a high-quality smartphone without the latest tech? Wall Street keeps trying to make everyone believe that companies can only succeed with the latest cutting-edge tech to be successful. Consumers really aren’t in all that much of a rush for the latest tech. There’s a world of difference between high-quality and simply high-tech. Consumers don’t need a lot of bells and whistles on a crappily-built smartphone or any other product. Nerd-brains are not driving smartphone sales.

  2. Sure I’ll buy an iPhone 6… But NOT for the size. I definitely prefer the present size!

    Bigger is NOT better. If I wanted a MacBook in my pocket, I’d ask them to design a folding MacBook…

  3. Does everyone here forget about. Continuity???

    Use your iPad mini as a phone, web search etc with your iPhone in your pocket

    Totally cool. Blow the android people away. Your talking to Sam sunged person and playing with your mini and your phone rings.
    You push a button on the pas and start talking. Just so cool.

    You say you have to get this

    1. You do realize that “Android people” have been able to use their tablets as phones via Google Voice since 2009, right? It is hilarious how Apple comes out with features years after Android and Apple fans who know next to nothing about Android insist that Apple invented it.

  4. I’m thinking that a 4″ Sapphire screen would appeal to the existing base that prefer that screen size. It would help solidify that market. Larger screen(s) should be Gorilla glass to keep the costs down and margins up.

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