More iPhone 6 images leaked, 5.5-inch model to feature 2,915 mAh battery

“We’ve seen plethora of images of the upcoming iPhone 6 in the past few days, mostly the 4.7-inch model, expected to see the light of the day next month,” Hammad Saleem reports for Geeky Gadgets.

“Recently, the folks at a Chinese publication Apple Daily managed to get their hands on the upcoming iPhone 6 models, revealing some details about the upcoming device. They also managed to get the components of the 5.5-inch model, which has been a rare sight,” Saleem reports. “The report also posted that the 4.7-inch device will come with a 1,810 mAh battery while the bigger phablet sized model will come with a 2,915 mAh battery.”

Read more, and see the photos, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. Again…please tell me this isn’t accurate? They look the same as my current iPhone. I was so excited for something new, and this isn’t “new” by any means. Ughh

    1. Totally agree. The front of the device looks the same as the current phones, which shows a complete lack of imagination in design and is boring. Large bezels are not in fashion in 2014. It’s like wearing bell bottom jeans from the 1970’s.

    2. Yeah, Matt, Yeah! I was hoping to see a round iPhone! Or perhaps a triangular or star-shaped one! Or . . . how ’bout a hinged one, with a fold-out screen on one side and a hand warmer on the other! Yeah, that’s the ticket. Damn, but these rectangular iPhones are so, so , so, so, so dull! Clearly, Apple has no imagination any more. And, bezels? Oh gawd, SAY NOT! What’s next: Paisley? Tie dye? Lamentations, all ’round!

    3. A new egg looks a lot like one that is thousands of years old. Sometimes you cannot improve on a great design.. Leave the garish designs to the MS’s of the world.

    4. You might not have noticed but pretty much every high end phone on the market looks like the iPhone. It’s become a classic design that works. Even the HTC One in the photo, widely regarded as one of the best phones on the market, looks just like an iPhone, only with front facing speakers. Think BMW and Mercedes. Their models change very little over the years, visually. You can spot one at a glance. You can also spot an attempted look alike, and their slowness to change design preserves the value of older models.

      There’s a dunce of a woman I’ve worked with who expressed similar concerns as you. Not saying you’re a dunce at all. She was terribly upset with the iPhone 5 looking like the iPhone 4. As she put it, “This is not about technology, this is about fashion. I want people to see I have the newest iPhone at a glance.”

      I think if beefing seen as having the newest iPhone is your driving decision factor you’re going to be disappointed for some time to come. I expect the design flourishes to remain true to their roots, but that the phones will get slimmer and lighter.

      When the technology or other factors warrant a major visual change, you’ll see one.

      1. You’re so quick to call your coworker a dunce, but I agree with her and it’s easy to see her point, if you weren’t so busy trying to be smug.

        Just for the record…. I know 100% that I have purchased more Apple products than you have in the past 15 years…. And probably more BMWs and MBs in total (not sure about that one)… In the past 20 years….

        If I buy the latest MB or BMW, then anyone who follows these cars should know it’s has a different (although slight) style change….

        If I buy an iPhone 6, then it better be distinguishable from a 5 or 5s….. That’s part of what I pay for with apple. Stylish product, packing that adds to the purchase experience… And innovative, class leading style…. To go along with the best products on earth.

  2. When a product is close to perfection, you don’t screw with the overall design.
    You look at what fails and why they show up to be serviced. Take that info back to R & D and figure out what needs to be done.
    Also look at the big picture on the internet and see what 80% or more users complain about. Take that back to R & D.
    Based on sales, the overall design and look are great. I hope they keep the current size along with the bigger models but that’s my opinion.

    1. The 5 design was nearly perfect in 2012, but technology improves and styles change. To me, large bezel phones look dated and clunky compared to many of the streamlined high-end devices released in 2014.

      Will keeping the same large bezel design affect sales? I was disappointed in 2012 when the 5 was released and the screen wasn’t much larger. I purchased the phone, but many didn’t and overall sales were not as good as expected. In 2013 I criticized the 5c design, but it seems to have filled a niche in the teenage girl market. Maybe i’m wrong again and fans will accept a larger looking iPhone 5. But, personally, I want to be wowed with something cool, new and fantastic. Hopefully Apple delivers.

        1. In the real world I have seen zero males and women over thirty somethings with 5c’s…just an observation and if you have evidence to the contrary than please share with the class.

  3. The innovation appears to be a QR code in the middle of the screen! Your new acquaintances will be able to just scan your phone for all your own contact information! It’ll be great. Oh sure, some developers will complain about having to work around the center of the screen not being a display area, but they’ll get over it. Privacy whiners will be all over the fact that since the QR code is unchangeable, it’s just a link to your personal contact info stored in the cloud and therefore viewable immediately by Eric Snowden wherever he is. And for anyone *that* concerned, I expect the screen protector industry to come up with film covers that blacken out that QR code for you. It’s all good! And Apple will sell a bazillion more of these things.


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