Apple knockoff outfit Xiaomi overtakes slavish Apple copier Samsung in China market share

“China’s Xiaomi Inc took China’s smartphone crown in the second quarter after the Beijing-based firm replaced Samsung Electronics Co Ltd as China’s largest smartphone vendor, according to data from Canalys,” Paul Carsten reports for Reuters. “Xiaomi shipped just under 15 million units in the three months ended June, while Samsung’s 13.2 million unit shipments just beat China’s Lenovo Group by around 200,000 units to take second place, said Canalys.”

“The three-year old Xiaomi, which closely apes many aspects of Apple Inc and its designs, also nabbed fifth place by global market share for smartphone makers in the second quarter, research firm Strategy Analytics showed last week,” Carsten reports. “Xiaomi is still almost entirely dependent on its home market in China. Only about 100,000 smartphone units were shipped outside of China and the jury is still out on whether it can replicate its domestic success overseas.”

“Xiaomi is also looking to expand into other markets like Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia and Thailand with the help of Hugo Barra, the former vice president of the Android mobile operating system for Google Inc who is now Xiaomi’s international vice president,” Carsten reports.

Xiaomi Mi 4 (left), Apple iPhone 5s (right)
Xiaomi Mi 4 (left), Apple iPhone 5s (right)

“Xiaomi’s critics have also lambasted the firm for infringing on intellectual property rights,” Carsten reports. “This includes using the logo from Apple’s Aperture application on a picture of one of its phones.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Behold the revolutionary power of iPhone: The only smartphones that sell well are Apple iPhones and fake Apple iPhones.

As we wrote recently:

Xiaomi makes Samsung look like original thinkers. Plus, they’re led by an even more despicable slime bucket than Samsung:

“[Steve] Jobs will die someday, so there are still opportunities for us. The meaning of our existence is just waiting for him to kick the bucket.” – Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, August 30, 2011

Hugo Barra used to be in charge of Google’s Android division, so, obviously, there’s no copying going on. 😉

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  1. This shows the consequences of the US court system’s failure to protect Apple’s intellectual property on a timely and effective basis. The US court’s slow and silly rulings (eg, the Koh rulings) essentially encourage other infringers/copiers/transgressors to follow Samsung’s suit and also rip-off Apple’s IP. This includes Apple’s trademark product “look & feel” that has resulted from the very hard work, and insightful design sense, by Apple’s totally awesome design team.

    Shame on the US court system.

    1. When a country’s constitution becomes worthy of toilet paper, and one of the recent comments from their leader is about the “torture of some folks” while totally taking absolutely no active responsibility for it, i.e. no global apology, no one brought to justice for these crimes against humanity the shame permeates right to the very core of what Amurderca has become, a fifth rate wannabe terrorist nation.

      Karama is a bitch and the United Hates has no idea how much of a bitch she is….

      but they will.

      1. You’re as bad as those idiots that turn every story into a screed against Obama (or insert whomever is the current POTUS). Intellectual property rights and counterfeiting are International issues, and affect every inventor/creator across the globe. Anyone who has read MDN for more than two days gets the message that you hate America. You can give it a rest now.

        1. Yes, Road Warrior.

          My personal preference that all political comments be eliminated, except for those with actual and narrow relevance to a specific article.

          But if you are going to go further, at least say it a couple of times and then shut up. We don’t need people jumping in with political tirades at the drop of the hat… WHEREVER on the political spectrum their opinion lies.

          Very tiresome. Persuades no-one. Waste of your time and ours. Please take this to a website where people WANT it. There are, to say the least, plenty of them.

        2. I never said I hated Amurderca. I don’t torture people. I’m not a citizen of a nation that goes around and invades country on a whim. Anyone with half a brain who has read the news for the last several years should realize that the hate emanates from the United Hates. Heck I just point that out, there is no hatred in that. A demand for justice perhaps, a desire to see the country grow a spine and face up to their immoral and unethical behavior but certainly not hatred, gosh where do you come up with this stuff?

          Sure intellectual property rights and counterfeiting are International issues, and they belong in the realm of civilized nations of the free world, a status that by their own actions, the United Hates no longer enjoys. It reflects as TomH pointed out in their court system. I’m just saying that it’s more pervasive than that and there will be reckoning.

          They don’t have the moral high ground, God not on their side anymore, but that doesn’t mean she hates them. There’s a big difference. Heck I’d be cheering, jumping with joy to see this once great country crawl out of the deep hole of quagmire it’s descended into and show some integrity.

        1. You’ve been away for a while or something. I’ve been posting regularly and no release necessary, there is no equivalent for Guantanamo Bay where I come from. Nice try though, I see that “aim for Bin Laden hit Saddam Hussein” guidance system is as ineffective as usual.

  2. “Behold the revolutionary power of iPhone: The only smartphones that sell well are Apple iPhones and fake Apple iPhones.”

    As usual a false take.

    1. The Samsung phones that infringed WERE MARKETPLACE FAILURES. Samsung’s success was due to DIFFERENTIATING from Apple by inventing the phablet. Right now Samsung’s 4′ phones are among their worst sellers.

    2. That would leave Xiaomi as the only Apple copycat among the top Android vendors. Huawei, Lenovo, LG and HTC do not copy Apple and are all profitable. Sony will achieve profitability with their Android line in the 4th quarter, and would be there already if they had more U.S. carriers. Acer makes a small but growing profit from their Android phones, leaving Asus as the only one not near profitability, and again Asus and Acer are held back primarily from not being able to work out carrier arrangements in North America. Seriously, when will Apple fans give up their outdated data on Android?

    “Android makes no money for Google.” Google Play Store revenues alone gave Google a half billion dollar revenue increase last quarter, and that does not count the other ways that Google monetizes the OS (ads, search, data collection etc.)

    Revised to “Android makes no money for anyone but Google (revised again to Google and Samsung).” At least 6 companies now earn profits on their Android phones and more will next year.

    “Android users do not use their phone to access the Internet” Android now exceeds iOS in online usage stats:

    “Android users do not use apps”

    Android surpassed iOS in app downloads in 2013.

    Revised to “Android users do not pay for apps/Android developers do not make money.”

    Google paid out $5 billion to developers last year, and the average app in the Google Play store earned $1000. Google Play store revenue was originally projected to overtake App Store revenue in 2018, that has been revised to 2016:
    (I personally do not believe that this will happen, but the fact that anyone even projects this disproves the nonsense about Android not generating revenue for developers. However, as more Android users in India, Africa and Latin America get 3G service, expect to see Google Play revenue really explode, just as it has in China and Japan. As a matter of fact, Google Play generates more revenue in Japan than in the United States.)

    “Android provides a bad user experience, is slow, freezes and glitches.” Has not been generally true since Ice Cream Sandwich, and since Jelly Bean such claims are flat out implausible.

    Oh yes, and not that it is the fault of the moderator, that article above is incorrect about one thing. “and the jury is still out on whether it can replicate its domestic success overseas”

    Xiaomi sold out its 15,000 Mi 3 (their latest handset) phone allotment in India in 2 seconds. Not 2 minutes. Not even 20 seconds. 2 seconds. Previous iterations in India: 39 minutes to sell 10,000 phones and 5 seconds to sell 10,000 more. 100,000 people registered on their website wanting to buy the phone but were unable to. The only thing holding Xiaomi back right now is supply chain problems limiting supply.

    Of course, folks are going to shift their Android ire from Samsung to Xiaomi, but that won’t change the fact that Android turned the corner in the marketplace thanks to the Jellybean release and phablets. Apple will continue to corner the high end market, the enterprise and make the most profits as a result, but Android will remain – and be very profitable – for everyone else, especially as more people in developing countries get 3G access (which Google is working to help provide by the way).

      1. So, you cannot refute anything I say so you resort to juvenile insults and unsubstantiated attacks. Lovely. Apple’s products – top notch – are better than its consumers I am afraid.

        But Android is profitable both for Google and the OEMs who use the OS in their devices. And only a small percentage of the profits are due to “copying” Apple. Sorry guys, but your years of predicting that Android would fail and Apple would enjoy a monopoly in the mobile device space is wrong. (And incidentally, Android is increasingly being used in other types of devices than simply smartphones and tablets. Xiaomi, for example, has a whole line of successful Android-powered devices, of which only the Mi Phone and the Mi Pad can be accused of being Apple copies. Google could actually learn a lot from Xiaomi’s “other than smartphones” Android products.)

        You just have to accept it and move on. Your refusal to do so only reflects poorly on the customer base of your own favourite company.

        1. “inventing the phablet”
          Putting a bigger screen on a phone is not “inventing” anything.

          Having a larger imitation iPhone does not make it substantially different and is not worthy of the term “differentiate”. Yeh, differentiate in a marketing sense but not in an ethical or IP sense.

          And don’t forget, while they have become more popular, Samsung still sells far more smaller phones.

          “your years of predicting that Android would fail”
          Who is “you”? Not me. Not anyone else around here, as far as I remember. Or certainly not the majority.

          “And only a small percentage of the profits are due to “copying” Apple.”
          WHAT!? Have you looked at those before and after compilation photos? Whether phones or tablets — it is blatantly obvious that Android and the whole mobile industry is based on copying what Apple produces. Same arrangement and function of icons. Same COLOR of icons. Extremely similar hardware. And so on. And so on.

          And I’m puzzled… If you are such an Android fan that you can pull out all these references, why are you here?

    1. You keep talking about Xiaomi and Google’s Android in the same sentence. The problem is that Xiaomi uses ASOP Android, so no Google services.
      MiUI is based on the open source version of Android

    2. Huawei, Lenovo, LG and HTC do not copy Apple and are all profitable.

      Right. Except for this stuff:

      HTC Settles Apple Lawsuit
      HTC and Apple enter into patent licensing agreement, with HTC reportedly to pay $6 to $8 to Apple for every Android-equipped handset sold.

      Huawei settles with Rockstar Consortium,
      will pay for Android’s infringement of ex-Nortel patents

      Someone isn’t doing their homework.

      More rubbish:
      “Android users do not use apps” <–NO ONE ever said that. But exaggeration is your skill in life, apparently.

      Android surpassed iOS in app downloads in 2013. <–ONLY in quantity. NOT on a per user basis. Not by a long shot. Every iOS user, individually, buys a lot more apps than any Android user AND they use them far more often, as measured across the Internet. That makes it clear what's ACTUALLY happening with apps.

      Android: Still swimming in the shallow end while iOS rules the deep end, which obviously is where you find the best quantity of cash and the quality of users.

      Regarding that Samsung 'invented the phablet' bullshit: How hard is it to stuff mobile chips into an iPad Mini? OH! Apple already did that? I forgot. Further upgrade the chips for phone communication and tada the phabulous phablet. All Samsung did was dig around for a minor (and I do mean minor!) niche they could exploit with their knockoffs.

      Shall I go on? Oh why not. I'm stoked on coffee.

      Google Play Store revenues alone gave Google a half billion dollar revenue increase last quarter…

      … Selling an exponentially increasing quantity of MALWARE. Buyer beware. Darn, Google don’t give a rat’s about your security until such time as the malware has already infected enough Android victims for someone to (A) notice and (B) complain to Google. Compare that to Apple’s incredibly (but not perfectly) successful vetting process that keeps iOS the single safest mobile OS, versus Google’s single most dangerous mobile OS, Android. And you brag about Android software. Ha Ha Ha. 😥

      I think that’s enough shreading of your nonsense for today, atlman (anonymous coward). 😛

  3. Cat fight in the shallow end! Call the life guard.

    Q: What would the smartphone market be doing right now without Apple to show the way?
    A: Fighting over which knockoff company can better ripoff the Blackberry, no doubt. 😛

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