Apple drops cross-appeal of final judgment in Samsung lawsuit, no longer seeks permanent injunction

“Apple on Monday filed a motion with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to drop its cross-appeal of California Judge Lucy Koh’s final judgment in its patent trial against Samsung, meaning the company will no longer seek a product ban in that case,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider.

“With the dismissal, Apple is effectively dropping its pursuit for a permanent injunction against 23 Samsung devices, which the company sought, but did not achieve, in its first California action against Samsung,” Campbell reports. “The cross-appeal was filed after Judge Koh handed down a ruling denying Apple’s renewed motion to ban the Korean company’s products.”

Campbell reports, “Samsung counsel has agreed with Apple’s motion to dismiss and will continue with its own appeal of Judge Koh’s final judgment, which looks for a wholesale reversal of the jury’s findings. ”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


    1. The ban on the 23 products now is pointless. Too much time has passed and the products as well as the point have become moot. None of the products are of any economic value rendering a ban worthless. That means continuing arguing for such a ban is beating a dead horse.

  1. Truth is they are crushing Samsung without the litigation. I would be happy if Apple just ignored the copy cats. It just looks fruitless to sue, if you win it is years after the product is even on the market. Fire the lawyers, hire more engineers.

    1. My my, for once I totally agree with you. Cook has decided to drop pointless litigation and simply kill them by making it impossible to copy them.

      I.E. Liquid Metal, sapphire glass, iBeacons, Handover etc etc. not mention the Apple/IBM hookup !

      I spent 7 years working for Apple and 3 for IBM. I was working on the infrastructure connecting clients to IBM services for both windows and macs.

      In the data centres I worked at always had a few macs scattered about particularly the AIX and Sun/Oracle guys loved them. (Most where using Apple’s Aux or Linux.

      Both Apple and IBM are clearly very different entities than when they were in the 80’s and 90’s and even the 2000’s.

      Samsung, Google et all should be afraid, very afraid.

      When OSX came out

    1. I think Apple has decided that breaking away from Samdung as a critical supplier, and really making Samdung compete on it’s own merits that Apple can in fact beat them. Apple can outdistance the competition via hardware and software innovation that gets more and more difficult to match. A war of attrition.

  2. With the litigation, at least it keeps reminding Apple fans not to promote companies that shamelessly copy. Every time I read of story of the litigation, I’m once again reminded to tell those that want to buy a shameless copy that it’s not worth it and they are buying from a cheating, lying, criminal led company.

  3. Samsung should stop the copying and anti-Apple actions, like cloning Apple stores, manipulating the media/blogs/comments, lawsuits through proxies and anonymous patent reevaluation requests.

    I can’t imagine there could be peace when they refuse to compete honorably and keep poking the bear on purpose. The money arms race is one Apple can easily win if it wasn’t generally efficient with its cash (but f*** stock buybacks)

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