Apple preps fitness and health wristband, 4K desktop, all-new 12-inch Retina MacBook, sources say

“Apple is planning to unveil its long-in-the-works fitness and health wearable wristband at a media event in October,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “Also in the cards for the Mac side, sources say, are at least a couple of next-generation Mac lines. Sources say that Apple is finishing up work on both a smaller MacBook with a high-resolution display and a new desktop computer, either an iMac or a standalone monitor, with a 4K resolution screen.”

“The new MacBook will include a Retina Display that is approximately 12-inches diagonally and it will include a much thinner and slightly lighter aluminum body, the sources said,” Gurman reports. “Apple believes that this new Retina MacBook will be a significant step forward in the laptop industry, and it is currently unclear if Apple will label this machine as a smaller MacBook Pro, a new MacBook Air, or as an entirely new line.”

Gurman reports, “The sources also stressed that the computers are currently on pace to ship either in late Q3 or early Q4 this year, but constraints to Intel chipsets as well as resources placed on developing other products for the 2014 pipeline could push back these Mac launches into early 2015.”

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    1. Hold up is with INTEL as their new chip to run the retina display with GPUs is once again delayed. But Intel just made a deal with DELL + SAMSUNG to get into the iHOME market with new home devices ala NEST… So, coincidence?

  1. I hope Apple keeps the 12″ MacBook a MacBook and not a Pro AND kicks the 13″ MBPs up to quad core CPUs. The performance gap between the dual core 13″ rMPPs and the quad core 15″ rMBPs was just recreating the MacBook and MacBook Pro dichotomy without changing the names.

  2. I don’t understand the reason for a 4K iMac or separate monitor. Perhaps to pair with the new Mac Pro, but the market for that has to be very small. There isn’t much 4K content available anyway, and it wouldn’t make that much difference for displaying your desktop. Sounds more like someone throwing out a wish list.

      1. I disagree. Using a 15″ retina display for the past two years has been an utter delight and I find using a non-retina display at this late date, distracting at best. I think a retina display, what ever resolution it turns out to be (probably higher than 4K for the 27″ iMac), would enhance an iMac user’s experience by an enormous amount.

        Even though I keep my resolution set to ‘Best for Display’ (1440 x 900), I enjoy the magazine-like quality of text and the fact that my graphics programs default to full resolution when I want to edit my photos.

        Content consumption just scales HD up but even casual photographers could enjoy retina displays.

    1. I just assumed it’s the whole ‘skating to where the puck is going be’ thing.

      And the best way to make sure 4k content becomes available is putting devices capable of viewing it into the hands of consumers.

    2. Youtube and a few other online sites already offer 4K content. The World Cup was shot with 4K. Apple has always sold somewhat future proof devices, so it wouldn’t be unusual for them to have 4K displays. I’m also pretty sure video editors would love a couple of 4K Apple Cinema displays to edit with. Including countless people who will buy the new Apple TV (which will hopefully work with the new displays).

    1. Would you want to download and possibly store a 20 to 25 GB video file, especially that A., some cable companies are beginning to charging extra for > 300 GB monthly usage and B., 1080P is already retina at most screen sizes and viewing distances? Does your IP support the bandwidth required?

  3. If “sources say” but aren’t identified that is the exact same thing as Joe Blow talking out of ass. I swear these bloggers tell their friends to just tell them stuff so they can quote as “sources say”. We are hungry for Mac News but instead we mostly get hot air out of a dude’s ass…. hmmm I just lost my appetite

  4. All this speculative stuff … Seems like it’s the same old drivel. “Apple is working on this … It could be released this quarter or the next … It might have this or that … There could be supply constraints which could cause shortages …
    Why don’t you (MDN) entitle these articles, “More Speculative Drivel … ‘Blah blah blah from ‘XYZ'”

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