Apple responds to EC complaints by touting iTunes’ app controls as ‘leading the industry,’ cites iOS 8 ‘Ask To Buy’ feature

“In response to complaints published by European Commission regulators regarding In App Purchases, Apple has issued a statement outlining that it already does more than anyone else in the industry, and will be further enhancing its efforts to secure app purchases by children in iOS 8 this fall,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“‘Apple takes great pride in leading the industry in parental controls that are incredibly easy to use and help ensure a great experience for parents and children on the App Store,’ the company noted in response to the complaints of European regulators,” Dilger reports. “‘The parental controls in iOS are strong, intuitive and customizable. And over the last year we made sure any app which enables customers to make in-app purchases is clearly marked. We’ve also created a Kids Section on the App Store with even stronger protections to cover apps designed for children younger than 13.'”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Just a barrel full of brazen, spoiled, whiny little people who have nothing better to do than clog the system with their self righteous blather. Ponder too that these mindless squibs get paid BIG $$$$$$$$$ to create such unwarranted claims against Apple. FCK OFF!

      1. This isn’t about security. It’s about parents putting a loaded internet device into the hands of an inadequately educated child, and expecting the nanny-state to clean up the predictable consequences.

  2. I have two children that have access to IAP games like Smurf Village, Simpsons Tapped Out, Clash of Clans etc. they have never once been allowed to, or able to buy any in-app purchase. This is case because:
    I (we, their mother agrees) told them we would never buy any in-app purchases, before we agreed to download the game.
    Our kids don’t know my apple password.
    My daughter has been playing Smurf village for years now, and is proud of the colony she has built, more proud because every damn Smurfberry has been EARNED.
    There was a time when I had some sympathy for parents who lost money, when the convenience default was that for 15 minutes after putting in a password, further purchases could be made. But that is no longer the default.
    So I’m going to say it because it has to be said. Any parent losing money on IAPs must be an IDIOT. And I challenge anyone who has lost money to prove to me that they are not…

    1. I was burned by this some time ago when my granddaughter was inticed to buy $200 worth of Smurfberries. Both I and my g-daughter learned about the evils of IAP, and about how we all need to behave on the “i” devices. A valuable teaching moment, and it only cost me $200. The fault was all mine and I paid the damage, but everyone got a whole lot smarter.

  3. An Opportunity To Be Infuriated At The EC:

    Take a gander at this article over at the ever-snarky and provoking The Register:

    Europe: Apple could NOT care less about kids’ in-app cash sprees.
    Our friends at Google on the other hand…

    Here is shit the EC said, according to The Register:

    But Apple has sat on its hands and decided not to act at all, the EC claimed:

    “Although, regrettably, no concrete and immediate solutions have been made by Apple to date to address the concerns, in particular payment authorisation.

    “No firm commitments and no timings have been provided for the implementation of possible future changes,” the EC declared.

    To which I replied (in part) in the comments after the article:
    LIARS is what I believe the EC to be, either that or profoundly and willfully ignorant.

    I then pointed folks over to Dan’s article at AppleInsider. What are we going to do with lazy, irresponsible, asinine parents and the government bureaucracy that panders to their infantile personal problems? 🙄

      1. You are getting voted down because you regularly introduce politics into stories that warrant it. This, however, is a political story. And I say you are 100% right.

        I’ll state it flat out: President Obama uses the same methods of outright lies and distortion’s as exhibited by these EU regulators. His deceptions are blatant and demonstrable. It’s all part of an “Ends Justify the Means” mentality, where honesty and integrity may be jettisoned for the good of the cause. Makes me sick, and sad at the same time that so many allow themselves to be duped.

        If you are disgusted by the blatant dishonesty of the EU regulator statement, it’s time you take an biased reexamination of the words and actions of our own President. He and these EU shakedown regulators are cut from the same cloth.

    1. The Register (well, anyone willing to do work for that entity) HATES Apple. Period. (Some of the people there have claimed to have found certain, specific Apple products tolerable, but they still hate Apple itself.) You can go back 10+ years and you’ll find that The Register was one of the few media outlets specifically *uninvited* to Apple events. Andrew Orlowsky, one of their biggest Apple bad news fabricators back then, even whined loudly about Apple uninviting The Register to some events.

      I used to have running arguments with them many years back over their outright lies and fabrications about Apple. They seemed to just make stuff up out of thin air — and if any negative concepts were being published by literally anyone, The Register was one of the first to re-publish it. Finally, after a few years of trying to correct their lies and deliberate misinterpretations I gave up. I don’t even read anything on their site anymore. I suggest everyone else do the same.

      1. The Register’s bias is a fixture of the current British culture whereby the populace was trained by the BBC on how to use a Windows PC. Apple was of obscure concern. We were chatting about that around here last week.

        It’s hilarious that The Register would complain about being UNinvited. They obviously bring the world’s enmity upon themselves in EVERY headline they write. Sheesh. Babies.

        I’ve had rant warz at The Register as well. But the worst rant warz have been at Ars Technica, arguing over proven, established, standardized scientific FACTS. That’s shoddy journalism. They the dick editors decided I was the troll for pointing out THEIR blunders. Bad Science, like TechTardiness, is RAMPANT. 😛

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