iOS 8’s four most surprisingly useful features

“It’s tempting to think of iOS 8 as a more polished version of iOS 7; when you first install the update, there’s no visual cue that anything is different,” Tyler Hayes writes for Fast Company.

“But iOS 8 packs a long list of new features, some of which we’re still digging up weeks later,” Hayes writes. “But what else is really new and worthwhile here? After thoroughly testing out the new OS, there were four such features that really stuck out.”

1. Audio Messaging: I’m not fond of dictating my texts, yet I find the new quick audio feature in Messages to be addictive.

2. Predictive Texting: Making texting even easier is the predictive text capabilities of the new keyboard.

3. Better App Store: Third-party apps make the iPhone experience. In iOS 8, surfacing new apps in the App Store feels a lot easier.

4. Spotlight: The important improvement in Spotlight is that I don’t have to think about whether I need to search online or locally on my phone because the two are much more intertwined now.

Read much more about each item in the full article here.


  1. Audio messages #1? I find typed messages, although slower to produce tend to be more private when in public environments. I don’t always want my kids to overhear everything I’m sharing with other adults. My 2 cents.

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