ABI Research: Over 24 million new cars to ship with Apple’s CarPlay in 2019

Earlier this year, several car OEMs announced that they would be releasing new cars installed with CarPlay capabilities, including Ford, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar/Land Rover, Toyota, Nissan, and Volvo, with many others sure to follow. In fact, quite a storm is brewing in the car industry. With Apple on the scene, ABI Research asks, “What are the wider implications for the automotive industry and for drivers in the future?”

With so many supporting CarPlay, ABI Research forecasts that in 2019 over 24 million new cars will be fitted with CarPlay. As well as CarPlay, ABI Research believes that the uptake of MirrorLink will also be fairly significant but predicts that more cars will be fitted with CarPlay. In addition to CarPlay, earlier this year Google also announced it would start an Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) and its scheme will be known as “Android Auto.”

Without an open ecosystem, car makers could be forced to collaborate with more than one partner. This trend is concerning as car manufacturers will worry about incompatibility and whether supporting the wrong platform will lead to lost sales. For consumers potentially it could mean asking the dealer “will my smartphone be compatible with my car?”

MirrorLink, OAA, and GENIVI have all positioned themselves as “open source” and they could be considered competitors, which goes against being open. Despite the fact that Android Auto has only just been launched, it claims that it already has the backing of 40 car makers and as early as next year we should expect announcements. With this in mind, by 2019, uptake of the Android Auto standard could be more aggressive than CarPlay. Filomena Berardi, senior analyst said in a statement: “Many believe Apple is creating further fragmentations and a ripple effect in the industry by not being open. However, love it or hate it, with Apple on the scene it certainly draws greater attention to in-car apps and now with the Android Auto standard on the scene both will certainly drive adoption of in-car apps.”

These findings are part of ABI Research’s Automotive Infotainment Market Research.

Source: Allied Business Intelligence, Inc.

MacDailyNews Take: No vehicle maker worth anything at all will forgo support for the world’s most affluent smartphone owners. Bank on it.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Sam” and “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Did he just say,

    “Many believe Apple is creating further fragmentations and a ripple effect in the industry by not being open”.

    Now if that’s not a true Bozo I don’t know who is. It is so called “OPEN” systems that create fragmentation. Does he not know how fragmented Android is compared to iOS.

    1. When someone phrases a sentence like this:

      “However, love it or hate it, with Apple on the scene it certainly draws greater attention to in-car apps…”

      …it’s a pretty safe bet that they are on the “hate” side of the fence.

  2. ” This trend is concerning as car manufacturers will worry about incompatibility and whether supporting the wrong platform will lead to lost sales. ”

    *cough* FORD *cough*

  3. In 2019 I suspect people driving BMWs, Mercedes, and other high end cars will be enjoying CarPlay. Those driving Chevys, Kias, and other crap will be “enjoying” the systems from Apple’s competitors.

    1. One thing I’ve noticed in the last couple of years is the level of high end technology found in entry level cars for young people who want all the electronic wizardry vs. power and performance or comfort with wood and leather.

      It would not surprise me to see Toyota, Hyundai, Kia introducing Carplay right away as well. It won’t cost them much and they’ll sell a bunch of entry level cars with it.

      1. Apple isn’t really entry level though. I know many people who started with other makes of computers and have macs now. A few who had android phones who switched to Apple – only one friend who still has an android phone, but most had Blackberrys, Nokia and random other makes for many years. Literally, except that one android guy, and my 82 year old father, both of whom are perpetually motivated by lowest cost of entry alone, despite neither being anything close to poor, everyone else I know has an iPhone today, a Mac today, and most have iPads, when most of them replaced Kindles, Nooks, and a couple others.

        Of them, I know a couple who ditched the brand of car they had been buying for over a decade because they did not have the iPhone connectors. I am seriously considering the Volvo V60 as my next year, and as the XC90 will have CarPlay this fall, hopefully they expand the supported models by 2017 when I am ready to get a new car.

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